Mbula - English



za1NrainbowMotom la mi re za tiŋga!Look at that rainbow over there!Za suruunu ipet.Part of a rainbow appeared.Za ipet la miiri tiene.A rainbow appeared in the clouds.Za imender be iut yaŋ mi zoŋ.The rainbow stands to divide/ separate rain and the sun.Za ipemet yaŋ.Rainbows finish off rain./ Rainbows signal the end of rain.Za ka toolo mataana kat. / Za iyaara kat.The rainbow is really bright.
za-2N_InalnameNio zoŋ Namoŋo.My name is Namongo.Ni iwatwaata zanzan ma ikot zin.He gave names to each one of them.Zan imap kat.Their names are completely finished (wiped out).Nu zom asiŋ?What is your name?/ Who are you?reputation, fame, gloryNi zaana biibi mi le koroŋ boozo.His name is great [i.e. he is famous, important, glorious] and he has many possessions.Ampakurkur zom totomen.We (EXC) continually praise your (SG) name.Nio bela aŋkam kat uraata. Kokena zoŋ isaana.I must do the work well. Otherwise my reputation will suffer.Kosoyaara zaana biibi pizin karkari ta boozomen.Proclaim his great fame in all places.namesake, parent-in-law, relative by marriage of either sex (because use of their name or the kin term is forbidden)Mankwoono zoŋ!Good morning my namesake!Ni ziru zaanabi timbel mbotŋana kek.He and his father-in-law have lived together a long time.zoŋbimy namesake (older than me)zoŋrimy namesake (younger than me)-paata za- bename someone or somethingTipaata pikin zaana be Moka.They named the child Moka.za-ŋa-1N_Inalfamous, prestigious, important, significant, valuable, great, gloriousNi zaanaŋana.He is famous.Wal zanŋan ki kar.The important people of the village.pat zaanaŋanaa great amount of money, expensivekar zaanaŋana Babilon.the famous/great city of Babylon.moori zaanaŋana = mernan, galikifamous woman = clan leader's first born daughterWal zanŋan mi zin sorrokŋan.famous ones and lowly/unimportant ones.Amputun kooto, tona ndemeereŋana = kooto zaanaŋana.We stacked up the sago leaves well, and then we were sure there was enough. = There was a very large amount.za- somŋa-insignificant, unimportant, lacking status, lacking authorityNi za somŋana.He is not important/ insignificant/ lacks authority.zin wal ta zan somŋan ithe ones who are insignificant/ ordinary peopleza- pahave authority for something, authorized for, rightNi zaana pa uraata tiŋgi.He has authority to do this work.Niam zoyam pa uraata ta kembena som.We do not have authority to do such work.Iti zanda be takam mbotŋana mata yaryaaraŋana.We have right to receive eternal life.za- imender pabe a candidate for some officeNi zaana imender pa mboroŋan.He is a candidate to be an elder.-pamender za-nominate somebody for an officeTipamender ziru zan makiŋ, to...After they nominated the two of them, then...-pasaana za-2ruin someone's reputation, malign, slander-pasaana uruunu-pasom za-despise, disdain, belittle-kam za- / -ur za-record names, take a censusTikam zan se ro.Their names were recorded in books.zan urŋanacensusIŋgi zan urŋana mataana kana.This was the first census taken.
zaabaNclub made of wood, weapon, instrument for causing injuryKoroŋ ta ipasaana zin tomtom. Koroŋ ki malmal ta tisap pa mala, o pam o got, be tirou kan koi bizin.Something that harms people. It is something used when fighting that they make out of Banyan, pam, or got wood in order to hit their enemies.Timar raama buza mi zaaba.They came with knives and clubs.Piŋgis zaaba pio.Deflect/Ward off the weapon/injury from me (so it does not harm me).zaaba kwo-injury, woundAmre i na, irao kembei zaaba kwoono ki ŋge som.When we (EXC) examined him, it didn't look like a wound caused by a pig.dangerNio aŋbot la zaaba kwoono kek.I am in real danger.Tiurur zitun ila zaaba kwoono.They keep putting themselves into dangerous situations.zaaba kwo- muri-woundZaaba ta tikam pini na, kwon murin murin ta imbotmbot la kuliini.The marks of the injuries they caused him, are still there on his body.-teege zaaba pa2injure, attack with weaponsAŋteege zaaba pizin.I attacked them with weapons.-kam zaaba pa/ -kam siŋ pakill, hurt, cause injury toKar ikam zaaba pini. (Kar ipuni).He died in a car accident.wal zaaba ka-group of people organized to attack other people with weapons, armyzin zaaba kan ki RomRoman soldiersmalmal kan
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zaalaNpath, road, wayZaala molo som.It is not far away.zaala ta mburu imar pa karthe way that things come to the villageLeyom zaala sa som.You (PL) have no way out/ no way of escape/ no way of succeeding.Aŋur zaala piom be...I arranged a way for you (PL) to...zaala ki mbotŋana mata yaryaaraŋanaway to [have/experience] eternal lifeway of lifezaala ki meeteŋanaroad/way of life leading to deathzaala ambaiŋanagood way of lifeNi itoto zaala ambaiŋana.He follows a good way of life.zaala ndeeŋeŋanaway of righteousness, right way of livingzaala sananŋanabad way of lifeopportunity, chanceZaala sa ko ipet piti be tala.We (INC) will somehow have the opportunity/chance to go.cfzala-zaala boogoŋanacrossroadsNi imender la zaala boogoŋan.He was standing at the crossroads.zaala kokoogoŋanatwisting path, crooked pathzaala keteenemiddle of the road (i.e. not at the side of it), on the roadNi imbutultul su zaala keteene.He was sitting in the middle of the road.zaala kwoono2entrance, gatewayzaala lwoonoalong the way, midwayTimar pa zaala lwoono mi amdeeŋe zin.They were coming on their way here and we (EXC) ran into them.Ni ipet kizin su zaala lwoono.He appeared to them on the road.moori zaala lwoono ka-prostitute (Lit. 'middle of the road woman')Ni moori zaala lwoono kanaShe is a prostitutezaala naman naman = zaala lwon lwonpaths branching off in different directionszaala zilŋaanaroadside, edge of the road-pakaala zaala paprevent somebody from doing something, obstruct, block, impede-paŋoobo pa zaalago astray-pazal zaala paprepare for, arrange a way, make a way for something to happenNu ta pazal zaala pio be anaŋ ikam yo ma aŋsu.It was you (SG) who prepared the way for my mother to give birth to me.Kapazalzal zaala pini be imar.Prepare a road for him to come.-ru zaala (pa NP) (be S)look for a way to do something, seek how to do something, try to figure out what to doNiam amru zaala pa. Ko amkam parei?We (EXC) are looking for solution for it. What are we to do?Amrru zaala pini.We (EXC) are trying to figure out what to do about him.Ru lem zaala be pera Malei.Look for a way for yourself to go out to Malai.Tirru len zaala be tikam len pat.They are always looking for ways to get themselves some money.-saŋsaŋ pa zaalago astray from a road or path, diverge from a road or path, get lostZin tisaŋsaŋ pa Anutu zaala kini.They have gone astray from God's way.-to zaalafollow a road or path-urpe zaala paprepare, arrange forKuurpe zaala pini be imar.Prepare a road for him to come.-we zaala pameans for something, make a way for something to happen, make possible, instrumental causeYesu Krisi ta iwe zaala piti be tala kar saamba.It is Jesus Christ who is the way for us (INC) to go to heaven.Nu ta we zaala be tikam yok mbolŋana imar kar.It was you who made it possible for alcohol to come to the village.
zaala imunsubentry of-mun
zaara1Nsmall white sea shells used for making decorationsZaara ila mogar.Small white shells went into making the headband.
-zaara2V_Intrspread out on the surface (used of vegetation), creepSerembat izaara mi iparteege i.The sweet potatoes spread out and get all tangled up.Mbutmbuutu izaara ma ilol toono.The grass has spread and covered the ground.-zarzaaraV_Intr
-zabanV_IntrOptionally Inflectedkete- (i)zabanget out of breath, be out of breathNi iloondo ma keteene izaban.He ran and got out of breath.Ni iŋguŋ ma keteene zaban.He coughed and was out of breath.Yaŋyaaŋa ikami ma keteene (i)zaban kek.He has breathing problems and is out of breath.syn-wat kete-2yaŋyaaŋa; kete- ipas; kete- meke
zabe-N_Inaldry leaf (used of bananas)Yembut pin zabeene tana mi warkaala kaari, to yo biidi isula. Kokena kuliini imesek, o mata kweene imet, nako biidi loŋa mi ibuuzu. Imbot ma molo som.Cut that dry banana leaf and spread it inside the stringbag, then put the yams inside. Otherwise their skins will get scratched, or their stems will get broken off, and then the yams will rot quickly. They won't last a long time.pin ruunu ta mazozoŋana nacfpin1Northern dialect formpin sabene (Northern dialect)2banana bugKere yom pa pin sabene. Ko tiloondo pa talŋoyom.Watch out, lest the banana bugs run into your (PL) ears.Sombe mbule bogboogoŋana ikan/iŋgorut talŋom som kulim, nako kulim iyoyou.If a banana bug bites/pinches your (SG) ear or skin, it will hurt.mbule bogboogoŋana, pin zabeebe (Yaŋla)
-zabzap1subentry of-sap1
-zabzap2V_TrObl Redupshape, carve, hew (using a machete or an axe)reduplication of -sap
zagzakNObl Reduptrap for catching bandicoots, pigsTipo zagzak pa moozo ma ŋge.They made a zagzak trap to catch bandicoots and pigs.Zagzak ipun moozo ma ŋge.The zagzak trap caught bandicoots and pigs.