haiINTJHey pay attention!, expresses that one wants the hearer to pay attention1. Tomtom sa ipa ma ila, mi nu lelem be ni mataana ima ku, o lelem be ni ima ku. Tana so "Hai!" mi boobo zaana.; O iti takamam uraata ta mokleene a, mi mete sa isu kar. To tiŋgo tomtom ta ma imar be ipiyar ti. To ikam sua tana mi iso: "Hai, kamar ma tala, pa tomtom tiŋga imeete kek."Someone is walking away and you (SG) want him to look at you or you want him to come to you, therefore you say "Hai!" and call out his name.; Or we (INC) are working over in the garden and a death happens in the village. Then they send someone to us and he says, "Hai, come with me, for that person has died."Hai lutuŋ Silas, loŋa ma mar!Hey, my son Silas, come quickly!Hai, nu ru so la tana?Hey, what are you (SG) looking for there?Hey stop it!, express that one wants the hearer to stop doing something bad2. Tomtom sa ikam mbulu ŋoobo sa, o iso sua ta ambai som. To nu peteke i pa sua tana.Someone does something wrong, or says something that is not good. Then you stop him with that expression.

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