wooŋgoN(outrigger) canoe, ship, boatNio ko aŋkam wooŋgo ma aŋpera Koobo.I will take a canoe and go out to Aromot Island.Zin Koobo tipo/ tisap wooŋgo.The inner islanders built/ hewed a canoe.Tisala wooŋgo.They climbed up on the canoe.Ni iŋgiimi wooŋgo, to ise.He bought a ticket for the ship, and then he got on.Wooŋgo imon pio.The canoe sank on me.Tai borokborok sula wooŋgo leleene.Sea water was breaking inside the canoe.Wooŋgo ndomoono isoolo sala magat, mi mbuleene iwwa.The bow of the ship got stuck in a shallow spot, but the stern was free and moving.Duubu ipambiŋbiŋ wooŋgo mataana.The waves drive the front part of the ship to sway back and forth.Tipuzuuru wooŋgo ma iperae ŋana ri.They pushed the canoe out a bit more.Tukuundu wooŋgo sula peende.We (EXC) carried the canoe down to the beach.wooŋgo mbalia rucanoe with two platformswooŋgo ndiŋanacanoe with sideboards (can sail in rough water on the sea)wooŋgo tubuduship, boat-sala, -se wooŋgoget into a canoe, get on a canoe/boat/shipwooŋgo ikothe canoe goes/ travels/ sailswooŋgo toono kanacanoe of the ground, vehicle that runs on the ground (i.e. car, truck, etc.)log that is to be made into a canoe (These are typically pulled through the forest on rollers down to a river, and then floated out to the island where it will be hewn into a canoe.)Timbo lelaŋ mi tiyaaru wooŋgo.They sang the lelang tunes and pulled a log to be made into a canoe (from the forest down to the river.)wooŋgo gogoonosmall canoe with an outrigger (used for going to nearby places)wooŋgo saamaŋa-outrigger canoe, canoe with an outriggerwooŋgo ka kaataplatform on a canoewooŋgo ka lesail of a canoewooŋgo mataana/ woongo ndomoonobow/ front of a canoewooŋgo zuruunu1front part under the waterwooŋgo mbuleene2stern / back of a canoe (where it is steered from)wooŋgo leleeneinterior of a canoe hullwooŋgo ndemeeneexterior of a canoe hullwooŋgo ka ndisideboard of a canoewooŋgo ka palyaaracanoe mastwooŋgo palyaara rutwo-masted canoewooŋgo ka peteteoutrigger pegwooŋgo ka saamaoutriggerwooŋgo sopooroend boards of a canoe (planks attached at the front and back of a canoe to help prevent the sea from breaking in)wooŋgo ka tekeoutrigger boomkaata uteenecanoe platform sideboardre kaimer2line going from a mast to the stern of a canoere mataanaline going from the top of a canoe mast to the bowsaama kaimerstick connecting the two outirgger booms positioned near the kaata 'canoe platform')te3punting pole for a canoezoobo1dipper (for removing water from inside the canoe)

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