abalNmountain, highlandsabal uteenetop of the mountain, highlands regionzin abal uteene kanthe people of the Highlandsabal uunubase, foot of a mountainTala ta abal uunu, tona tendeeŋe wok.When we (INC) go to the base of the mountain, then we will find wallabies.AbalYangla village (used by people who do not come from Yangla)Zin Abal tiso ta kembei.The Yangla people speak like that.abalabalNmountainsabalabalŋanaN_Inal_Stativemountainouslele abalabalŋanamountainous areaka- abalheart (physical organ, used of pigs)Tomtom boozomen lelen be tikan kan ŋge ka abal.Many people like to eat the heart of a pig.

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