Credits & acknowledgements


We are deeply grateful to the Mbula people who have allowed us to live in their midst over these many years, befriended us, taught us their language, and worked hard to produce literature for their own people. It has been a privilege to share our different worlds, sorrows, and joys. It would be impossible to acknowledge every individual who has assisted in the production of this dictionary. Over the years, as we have visited in people’s homes, sat in village meetings, worked on translation and literacy materials, and revised materials with the Kalŋanda Komiti (the local language committee), so many have told stories, explained meanings of different words, and suggested better examples.

However, it is appropriate to recognise a few people who have devoted an especially large amount of time to the dictionary compilation process: Pastor Silas Ariko, Mr. Moses Gial (dec.), Mr. Lukas Aibul, Mr. Giamsa Apei, Pastor David Aibike, Mr. Naleng Gideon (dec.), Mr. Timothy Kasare (dec.), Mr. Joel Nakaio, and Ms. Rachel Awa. Production of this dictionary would not have been possible without their assistance.