Abbreviations & Notations


Abbreviated Abbreviations
adj. adjective adv. adverb
conj. conjunction dem. demonstrative
aux. auxiliay Euph. euphemism
n. noun pro. pronoun
interj. interjection loc. locative
clf. classifier num. number
v. verb conj. conjunction/conjunctive
exp. expression coordconn. coordinating conj.
form. formulaic
X (< Y) Shows the general morphology or syntax that created the new term.
X > Y For parts of speech: attaches to X and becomes Y.
word/word Either word can be used in that context.
(or X) X is a variant spelling.
X;Y Defintions: senses differ more considerably. X and Y complement each other to clarify overall meaning.
X;Y Examples: two very similar examples shown to contrast word variations.