Future Plans

As this online dictionary currently uses only 336 out of over 3,000 possible entries from the database, this dictionary is woefully incomplete. Here is a brief outline of items that are currently being scheduled.

Phase 1 - Improve the Database


  • Finalize Japanese and Latin based orthographies
  • Merge duplicate datasets in FLEx from different research teams
  • Fill out incomplete data to the extent possible without needing more field research

Phase 2 - Web Improvement


  • Work with SIL and Webonary team to solve bugs on website, such as:
    • Broken reverse finder lists
    • Incorrect cross-linking of dictionary entries
    • Add password protection to protect sensitive data
    • Fix/add audio support
    • Fix/add picture support

Phase 3 - Bilingual Support


  • Translate main website and essential pages into Japanese to make site more useful for its primary audience: community members in Miyako and users in Japan.