adj Adjective
adv Adverb
AM Associative Marker (noun class agreement)
attr Attributive
C Consonant
conj Conjunction
cl Class
dem Demonstrative
dm Developmental Marker
det. Determiner
Dial.var. Dialect Variant
e.g. For example
Fr.var. Free variant
H High tone
HL High-low tone
HM High-mid tone
ideo Ideophone
impf Imperfective
incl. Inclusive
inter Interrogative
iv Initial vowel
k.o. Kind of
L Low tone
lit. Literally
M Mid tone
ML Mid-low tone
n Noun
N Homorganic nasal
neg. Negative Word
NP Noun phrase
num Numeral
perf Perfective
pfx. N-Prefix
pl. Plural
poss Possessive
PR Proto-ring
PP Prepositional phrase
prep Preposition
pro Pronoun
quant Quantifier
quest Question marker
ref Referential
rel Relative clause
qw. Question Word
s.b. Somebody
sg Singular
s.o. Someone
s.t. Sometimes
sp. Species
syn Synonym
tam Tense/Aspect Marker
ths. Things
toa. Term of Address
V Vowel
v Verb
vi Verb intransitive
vt Verb transitive
1 Prefix for class 1
2 Prefix for class 2, etc.
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
class. botanical or zoological classification
conj. conjunction
idéoph. ideophone
interj. interjection
n. noun
nég. negation, negative
num. numeral
num.card. cardinal numeral
num.ord. ordinal numberal
part. particle
part. interr. interrogatif particle
pl. plural
postp. postposition
prép. preposition
pron. pronoun
pron.emph. emphatic pronoun
pron.emph.loc. emphatic locative pronoun
pron.emph.pers. emphatic personal pronoun
pron.pers. personal pronoun
pron.rel. et dém. relative and demonstrative pronoun
pron.rel. et dém.loc. relative and demonstrative locative pronoun
sg. singular
sp. species
v. verb
v.descr. descriptive verb
v.h.p. irregular verb
v.stat. stative verb
var. variant