paoongo1à-ón1Frnbiens, avoir, choses obtenues, acquis, moyensEngeffects, goods, assets, acquired things, means, wealth, resourcessynarzɛka 1sẽn paame2Frngain, rendement, succèsEnggain, profit, yield, successKʋɩlg paoong yaa yẽbg paoongo, yẽbg paoong yaa kʋɩlg paoongo.FrnCe que le marigot a gagné profite au caïman, ce que le caïman a gagné profite au marigot. (Proverbe: ce que l'un gagne profite à l'autre inévitablement. Ce que l'un gagne, il le partage avec l'autre.)EngWhat the river has earned benefits the crocodile, what the crocodile has earned benefits the river. (Proverb: what one gains inevitably benefits the other. What one gains, he shares with the other.)paame, arzɛka

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