adv adverb
art article
BI Bahasa Indonesia
Bug Bugis
cf compare the related word
conj conjunction
comp complex form
dem demonstrative
der derivative, derived form
Du Dutch
Eng English
e.g. for example
e.o. each other, one another
esp. especially
etc. etcetera
i.e. that is
imp imperative
intj interjection
io (of verbs) taking indirect object suffixes
Jap Japanese
k.o. kind of
lit. literally
Mak Makassar
n noun
nm measure noun
num numeral
o.s. oneself
pl plural
Port Portuguese
prep preposition
pro pronoun
quan quantifier
Rp rupiah
s.o. someone
s.t. something
spec. specifically
syn. synonym
Tol Tolaki
var. variant form; variety
vi intransitive verb
vs stative verb
vt transitive verb
Wol Wolio