Credits and acknowledgements

The following information is taken from the acknowledgement to the 1996 Muna-English dictionary (Leiden, KITLV Press) and somewhat updated.

Many people have contributed to this dictionary in one way or another and we want to thank them most sincerely for their efforts:

  • Dr. Eddy Masinambow (LIPI-Jakarta) and Prof. Dr. Rustam Tamburaka (UNHALU-Kendari), Dr Larry Jones (SIL) and Dr Wyn Laidig (SIL). These men worked hard to develop a cooperative effort between the University of Kendari, LIPI and SIL during 1992-1994. Thanks to their efforts we were given a research visa which now results in this publication.
  • Muna lexicographers: La Ada and Drs. Syahruddin. Without their faithful cooperation this project would never have got off the ground. The name of La Ada should really be on the title-page of this dictionary as his contribution has been enormous, both as a source of data, illustrator and friend and encourager, but he requested that I should not do this.
  • Other native speakers who have contributed material or supplied information when asked: Drs. La Mokui, Drs. La Kimi Batoa, Lengko Umar, Arief, La Balo and Wa Ode Ndoeda (many thanks for their hospitality), La Sehema and Wa Ode Kota, Sukadi, La Ode Bonea and countless others that I met in their homes, on the road, in shops, at the harbour, in a smithy, at parties etc. Special mention should be made of the people of Watuputih, particularly those living near us in 1992-1994, as they were almost daily approached with lexical questions.
  • Technical assistance from Joanne Newell (keyboarding the original cards), Barbara Friberg (generating the blank dictionary and creating print-outs), Scott Youngman (persuading me to use Shoebox), David Coward (ideas on printing and reversing), Bart Feenstra (finetuning the printing process), Ruth Barnes (weaving terms), Doug Blacksten (construction terminology), Kelly Blacksten (illustrations) and Simon Gardner who produced the reverse index and arrived at the right time just before the final (s)print. His presence, help and friendship was crucial during those last few weeks at the end of 1995.
  • Beatrice Clayre, Margaret Mortimer and especially Richard Candlin for checking my English, which was in mental competition with Dutch, Indonesian and Muna, and to several students and staff at the British SIL and Wycliffe office for proofreading.
  • The KITLV, specifically its scientific editor Dr Harry Poeze, for its willingness to publish this dictionary and for giving general encouragement.
  • My wife Lydia, who has given strong support throughout the years.

Taefoampe katumpuno lalo bhe kapudhi ne Lahataala; nowaa kasami kaghosa, kapande bhe katolala sampe notoka karadhaa aini.