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a2 con.m and, when

aka2 v.aux had, have (shows perfect action, action that happened before another action happened)

ama2 na kuama /ku- n mother

cena2 mod like this

ga2 v.aux will (not) (introduces a negative action that may happen in the future)

la2 /a/ v wash hands, body, or things

na2 /a/ v shake, whip (like a book) to get something out

nana2 con.b when

nuka2 pron.pos your (plura) (femine singular noun)

pacaka2 lo pacakani /-ni Bw (English) n passover

ta2 /a/ v work, serve, prepare, build katayanit tayet

ya2 kune yajin /-jin wine

katayanit lo, na katayak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr worker (ta2 work, serve, prepare, build)

tayet na tayetti -et/-etti vn.actn ministry, work (ta2 work, serve, prepare, build)