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ake Bw (Bari) Mundari: amek unless

kakeponit lo, na kakepok ka--anit/-ak vn.actr follower (kep follow)

paket na paketti -et/-etti vn.actn protection (pak 2 separate people who are fighting)

barun /r/ -un v take

be2 /e/ v make, create beyani beyet kabeyanit

beyani /e/ -ani v is made, produced, created (be2 make, create)

beyet na beyetti -et/-etti vn.actn creation (be2 make, create)

bilundu /l/ -undu v 1give birth 2make something from nothing

boboja /o/ bo–ja v be startled, shake

bukun /k/ -un v take another drink

cuk2 /k/ v keep, push down (fishing stake)

i12 v.aux is, are, was, were . . . -ing (introduces a continuous verb, action that takes some time or continues to happen)

jet1 mod other side (of lake)

jon /n/ v bring, take

kabeyanit lo, na kabeyak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr creator (be2 make, create)

kanïtönït lo, na kanïtönït ka--anit/-ak vn.actr blacksmith, metal worker (nït make metal tools, work with metal)

kaꞌdokanit lo, na kaꞌdokak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr barer, person who carries (ꞌdok carry, lift, bring, take)

kaꞌduꞌdumanit lo, na kaꞌduꞌdumak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr collector (ꞌdumun pick up, take away)

kicik /k/ v shake, roll

koŋ2 /ŋ/ v promise, take oath tokoŋ

köyöŋ /ŋ/ v shake

kulo dem these (masculine plural noun near speaker)

kulu2 dem those (masculine plural noun away from speaker and hearer)

kune dem these (feminine plural noun near speaker)

kunu2 dem those (feminine plural noun away from speaker and hearer)