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baranyandu /ny/ -andu v becomes a flood, increases

büc v win, become victorious

car2 /r/ v 1rule caret1 caret2 kacaranit 2command

cegga /k/ -ja v become stopped as in sand, dock, land

com Bw (Bari) /m/ v pound (dura), strike

cuk3 /k/ v comfort

dok3 /k/ v bring, welcome

ꞌdoꞌoro /o/ v fall, come down toꞌdorowet

ꞌdüründö /r/ Bw (Bari) Mundari: wowun v sprout, (plant) comes up out of ground

ga3 /a/ v 1want, choose, require, search for 2become, be

iye exp yes (as a complete sentence in answer to a quetions)

kacaranit lo, na kacarak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr ruler, commander (car2 1 rule)

kamomoranit lo, na kamomorak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr collector (mor join, meet, accompany)

kanyömönït lo, na kanyömök ka--anit/-ak vn.actr follower (nyömö lead, accompany, go with)

karudda /t/ Bw (Bari) Mundari: louc compare v compare, instead

kokoyak lo, na Bw (Bari) vn.actr humble, compasionate person (yok spit)

ku2 prep 1with, by, to, for (shows accompaniment, instrument, goal of previous action) 2and

kupupo mod tardy, come later

liyuk mod completely, never

louc /s/ v compare (Bw karudda)

lurun /r/ -un v come down from a higher level

lüp1 /p/ v 1go through, enter tolüpün 2commit adultrery kalüpönït

lüꞌïjö lo kuluꞌejik n 1master, commander 2big, old one (ïjö 1 big, old, important)

mïjün /n/ v come close

momoret na momoretti -et/-etti vn.actn meeting place, council, synagogue (mor join, meet, accompany)