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betin mod looks like, resembles

bëtïnco na bëtïn -co/ n 1image, likeness 2quality, attribute

beyet na beyetti -et/-etti vn.actn creation (be2 make, create)

bilet na biletti -et/-etti vn.actn frame of house before mud (bil be true)

bolet na boletti -et/-etti vn.actn honor (bolo)

boliyet na boliyetti -et/-etti vn.actn sign, mark (bolo identify, recognize)

bolowet na bolowetti -et/-etti vn.actn image, identity (bolo identify, recognize)

börët na börëttï -et/-etti vn.actn money for purchasing, market place (bör buy)

bulet na buletti -et/-etti vn.actn glory (bula appreciate, honor)

cakaret na cakaretti -et/-etti vn.actn 1property 2way of life (caka sit, stay, be, have)

cakayet na cakayetti -et/-etti vn.actn 1seat, throne 2condition, lifestyle, life (caka sit, stay, be, have)

canyet na canyetti -et/-etti vn.actn persecution (cany torture, mistreat, persecute)

caret1 na caretti -et/-etti vn.actn rule, instruction (car2 1 rule)

caret2 na caretti -et/-etti vn.actn law (Bw yökïyët) (car2 1 rule)

cet /t/ v thresh, clean (grain) cetet

cetet na cetetti -et/-etti vn.actn threshing (cet thresh, clean (grain))

cetta lo cettani /-ni Bw (Arabic) n red pepper

cörët na cörëttï -et/-etti vn.actn miracle (cörjü surprise)

culuwet1 na culuwetti -et/-etti vn.actn beginning (culu begin)

culuwet2 na culuwetti -et/-etti Bw (Bari) Mundari: culuwet1 vn.actn 1) beginning 2) record, report

deliet na delietti -et/-etti vn.actn sadness (delia mourn, cry, be sad)

denet na denetti -et/-etti vn.actn 1announcement 2knowledge (den2 know, think)

dïyët na dïyëttï -et/-etti vn.actn fighting (dïön fight, be opposed, be against)

doket na doketti -et/-etti vn.actn bandage (dok2 wrap)

dolet na doletti -et/-etti vn.actn bending, curving