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bïjë /ï/ -je v be named

duje /u/ -je v bow (head), bend

ijer exp hey, you go (leave us alone)

je /e/ v be brought

Jeitun Bw (Arabic) olives (not used in Mundari except as a name)

jet1 mod other side (of lake)

jet2 na jokia n 1stomach, belly, womb 2pregnancy 3container used for measuring dry goods

nu . . . -jiri/-jere con.b when, as

karenyanit lo, na karenyak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr rebellious person (reny reject, refuse)

ŋica na ŋicani /-ni n hatred, jealousy

reny /ny/ v reject, refuse karenyanit renyet

renyet na renyetti -et/-etti vn.actn argument (reny reject, refuse)

ürü /ü/ v 1deed, give land or object 2forgive after quarrel

yïnö /ä/ v be jealous

gindere /n/ -jere v when going (guan go)