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a1 1v.aux was, were (introduces a past verb that happened before the time of speaking) 2cop is, be, are, as

aba lo kuaba /ku- n father

abaŋgi abaŋgina mod maybe, perhaps, or

abur mod anyhow, any

ackerico lo, na aceker -co/ Bw (Arabic) Mundari: gilaco n soldier

acut /t/ v put as oneꞌs own

adi con.rel that, say (introduces direct or indirect speeches)

adida ques how

adiliyuk mod forever

agu part (use for polite requests)

ak /k/ v feel, search for

aka2 v.aux had, have (shows perfect action, action that happened before another action happened)

alip na alipan /-i Bw (Arabi) n thousand

aloro lo aloroni /-ni n thistle (Bw kaleleranit)

aloti mod dirty

ama2 na kuama /ku- n mother

amaco lo amaa -co/ n sandal

amamco lo, na amamni -co/-ni Bw (Arabic) n pigeon, dove

anuke mod very good

anyar con.a in order that, so that

aŋa pron whoever

aŋco lo, na öŋïn, aŋak -co/-ïn, -ak n barren person or animal, one not producing children

aparan lo aparani /-i n day

ariri lo aririni -ni n 1afternoon (12-4 pm) 2sunset

ati con.m again, also