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aparan lo aparani /-i n day

kaꞌdepanit lo, na kaꞌdepak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr nurse, care giver (ꞌdepa benefit, give care to someone)

kuparan1 na n daytime light

kuparan2 lo aparani n day

pa /a/ v leave, abandon

pacacaŋ mod bitter

pacaka1 /k/ -a v crush

pacaka2 lo pacakani /-ni Bw (English) n passover

pak /k/ v 1chase 2separate people who are fighting paket

paket na paketti -et/-etti vn.actn protection (pak 2 separate people who are fighting)

palu /l/ -u v come a little closer

panu /n/ -u v be evening

par na paran /-an n coffin

paracaki Bw (Bari) mod light, lighted

paran lo perok -an/-ok Bw (Bari) Mundari: kuparan2 n day

parara /a/ v shine, show light parayet

pararan na pararani /-i n light

parat lo paratan /-an n ax

parayet na parayetti -et/-etti vn.actn light (parara shine, show light)

parere Bw (Bari) Mundari: rere transparent, see through, fine mod transparent

parik mod very

pataco na pata -co/ n twine

paꞌduŋco na paꞌduŋ -co/ n reed, strong grass in water

tapanco lo tapan -co/ n leg, thigh

yapa lo yapani /-ni n moon, month

ꞌdepa /p/ -a v benefit, give care to someone kaꞌdepanit

ꞌdepandu /p/ -andu v make tight, make stay in place

a1 1v.aux was, were (introduces a past verb that happened before the time of speaking) 2cop is, be, are, as

coni ? v separate

cüöt2 lo cüötön /-an n 1side, direction 2part

dirajji /s/ -ji v look, pay attention to

düꞌdë na düꞌdënï, düꞌdölö /-ni, -ala n 1cloud, sky, expanse 2soul

ge 1cop is, be, are 2v.aux was, be (shows past continuous action)

ida mod not, in past

kakaran mod lost, passed away, delayed

kakoranit lo, na kakorak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr divider, arbiter (kor divide, separate, give)

kamomoranit lo, na kamomorak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr collector (mor join, meet, accompany)

kanyömönït lo, na kanyömök ka--anit/-ak vn.actr follower (nyömö lead, accompany, go with)

karudda /t/ Bw (Bari) Mundari: louc compare v compare, instead

katayanit lo, na katayak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr worker (ta2 work, serve, prepare, build)

kenyja /ny/ -ja v pass by

kokoyak lo, na Bw (Bari) vn.actr humble, compasionate person (yok spit)

kon /n/ v 1do kakokonanit konet 2prepare

kor /r/ v divide, separate, give kakoranit koret tokor

koret na koretti -et/-etti vn.actn border (kor divide, separate, give)

ku2 prep 1with, by, to, for (shows accompaniment, instrument, goal of previous action) 2and

kürüdü lo, na kürüdüöt /-at n pair of twins

lïlïm lo lïlïmön /-an n parable

liliꞌit lo, na liliꞌitan /-an Bw (Bari) Mundari: titiꞌit n sparrow

lölü mod 1long time before, in past, ago 2previously

louc /s/ v compare (Bw karudda)

momoret na momoretti -et/-etti vn.actn meeting place, council, synagogue (mor join, meet, accompany)

mor /r/ v join, meet, accompany kamomoranit momoret moret tomoret

moret na moretti -et/-etti vn.actn 1group of people or animals 2meeting (mor join, meet, accompany)

nyömö /m/ -a v lead, accompany, go with kanyömönït

ŋok /k/ v 1mark (tree, field) by cutting lightly 2suffer from pain 3fall asleep

ŋony /ny/ v 1make dirty, prepare fish, scratch, scrape 2(thing) smells bad

owon /o/ -on v separate, divide

oꞌoro /o/ v (Bishop) bless (pastor)

pet /t/ v prepare (bed for laying on, table for eating on)

rekin /e/ -kin v separate, spread out

rere mod transparent, see through, fine (Bw parere)

rop /p/ v pay, reward ropet

ropet na ropetti -et/-etti vn.actn payment (rop pay, reward)

rüdün /n/ v take out (one paper in a stack of paper)

ruk ? n payment to someoneꞌs daughter for sleeping with her

ta2 /a/ v work, serve, prepare, build katayanit tayet

tayet na tayetti -et/-etti vn.actn ministry, work (ta2 work, serve, prepare, build)

telenet na telenetti -et/-etti vn.actn preparation (ten2 prepare)

temet na temetti -et/-etti vn.actn tempatation, test, measure (tem 1 test, measure, tempt)

ten2 /n/ v prepare telenet tenet

tenet na tenetti -et/-etti vn.actn plan (ten2 prepare)

titiꞌit lo, na titiꞌitan /-an n sparrow, bird type

tocok /k/ to- v torture, give pain tocoket

tocoket na tocoketti -et/-etti vn.actn pain (tocok)

tojoret na tojoretti -et/-etti vn.actn 1comparing 2filling (tojor fill something)

tokor /r/ to- v witness, confess, interpret, cut tokoret (kor divide, separate, give)

tomoret na tomoretti -et/-etti vn.actn covenant (mor join, meet, accompany)

toꞌïjö /ä/ to- v 1be great, honor, glorify 2expand, cause to be great (ïjö 1 big, old, important)

waraga na waragani /-ni Bw (Arabic) n paper

wölï na wölïöt /-at n space, gap, distance

wuc1 /s/ v 1transfer, take away 2depart, leave

yar /r/ v prepare, make, label

yuket na yuketti -et/-etti vn.actn 1pasture, field for animals grazing 2reasting place (yuk graze (animals) , watch, care for)

ꞌdakin /n/ v prepare, search for

alip na alipan /-i Bw (Arabi) n thousand

ŋeꞌdep lo ŋeꞌdepan /-an n tongue