Mundari - English


cadokelocadokeni/-niBw (English)nSadducee
caka/k/-avsit, stay, be, have
cakal ?vdwell, live, remain
cakaretnacakaretti-et/-ettivn.actn1property2way of lifecakasit, stay, be, have
cakayetnacakayetti-et/-ettivn.actn1seat, throne2condition, lifestyle, lifecakasit, stay, be, have
cala ?modeven
calo ?modalso, then
cana ?con.awhile
cany/ny/vtorture, mistreat, persecute
canyetnacanyetti-et/-ettivn.actnpersecutioncanytorture, mistreat, persecute
car1/r/vsay farewell, say goodbye
car2H/r/v1rule2command, instruct
cara/a/vtell message
caretnacaretti-et/-ettivn.actnrule, instruction, lawcar2 1rule
ce1modlike, as
ce2/e/v1rub, wipe away2be wet
cecekuneBw (Bari)1n.plsand2n.plplace where standing water has dried3modalike
cecela ?npool of water
ceda/a/vsift, winnow (dura)
ceꞌdit ?ceꞌejiknofficial
cegga/k/-javbecome stopped as in sand, dock, land
cekpl. ofŋuri