Mundari - English


a1 1v.aux was, were (introduces a past verb that happened before the time of speaking) 2cop is, be, are, as
a2 con.m and, when
aba lo kuaba /ku- n father
abaŋgi abaŋgina mod maybe, perhaps, or
abur mod anyhow, any
acan Bw (Arabic) con.a because
ackerico lo, na aceker -co/ Bw (Arabic) Mundari: gilaco n soldier
acut /t/ v put as oneꞌs own
adi con.rel that, say (introduces direct or indirect speeches)
adiba mod immediate, quickly (Bw wulek)
adida ques how
adiliyuk mod forever
adin mod wherever
agu part (use for polite requests)
ak /k/ v feel, search for
aka1 /a/ v is finished
aka2 v.aux had, have (shows perfect action, action that happened before another action happened)
ake Bw (Bari) Mundari: amek unless
alaŋ na alaŋi /-i n salt
alip na alipan /-i Bw (Arabi) n thousand
aloro lo aloroni /-ni n thistle (Bw kaleleranit)
aloti mod dirty
ama1 con.m but, instead
ama2 na kuama /ku- n mother
amaa pl. of amaco

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