Mundari - English


i prep at, in, from (shows place, time of previous action)
i goŋ mod out
i küë mod before, first, top (lit. at head)
i mara mod beside
ican mod good, well, carefully
icana con.b as, moreover (Bw kudiakan)
ida mod not, in past
ija /j/ -a v 1suck, draw blood 2be dried
ijer exp hey, you go (leave us alone)
ile Bw (Arabic) con.a unless, except
ilo dem that (masculine singular noun near hearer)
ilunda /n/ -ja v draw, fetch (water)
ina dem that (feminine singular noun near hearer)
inaka dem this one
inde mod still, not (Bw nyuŋ)
ini mod there
inya na inyani /-ni n foreskin
iŋkoro exp 1please, . . . 2yes
iti, itiki mod also
itu /t/ -u v feed
iye exp yes (as a complete sentence in answer to a quetions)
iyet na iyetti -et/-etti vn.actn kiss (i11 kiss)
iꞌiny mod sweet
i11 /i/ v kiss (Bw ꞌbiyet) iyet
i12 v.aux is, are, was, were . . . -ing (introduces a continuous verb, action that takes some time or continues to happen)