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waraga na waragani /-ni Bw (Arabic) n paper

waran /r/ -an v 1become, will be 2

waran nu kak mod daybreak (lit. become of earth)

waranikö mod everyday

waro na waroni /-ni n thread, used for sewing

warun nu kak mod before daybreak

a1 1v.aux was, were (introduces a past verb that happened before the time of speaking) 2cop is, be, are, as

bar1 /r/ v carry, bring (with water)

be1 /e/ v envy, covet, want what another person has

cakaret na cakaretti -et/-etti vn.actn 1property 2way of life (caka sit, stay, be, have)

ce2 /e/ v 1rub, wipe away 2be wet

cece kune Bw (Bari) sand place where standing water has dried 3mod alike

coŋ kune water kïnötï lu coŋ

ga3 /a/ v 1want, choose, require, search for 2become, be

ge 1cop is, be, are 2v.aux was, be (shows past continuous action)

goma mod greedy, half way full or empty

gonyet na gonyetti -et/-etti vn.actn reward, gift, offering (gony give)

gor lo gürükï /-ükï n war, insurrection togor

i12 v.aux is, are, was, were . . . -ing (introduces a continuous verb, action that takes some time or continues to happen)

ilunda /n/ -ja v draw, fetch (water)

joŋan /ŋ/ -an v bring, present, put forward

kakaran mod lost, passed away, delayed

kanyaranit lo, na kanyarak ka--anit/-ak vn.actr lover (nyar love, want)