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nyar /r/ v love, want kanyaranit

nyine /n/ -e v arise, wake up, get ready, stand

nyïyörö /ï/ -ara v arise, wake up, get ready

ŋiny /ny/ v wad up, press

ŋorjü /r/ -ju v (water) flow (arrow) flies kaŋoronit

ön mod refuse, not need, not want

onoco lo, kune ononi -co/-ni n clothe around waist of women

/ŋ/ v warn

paꞌduŋco na paꞌduŋ -co/ n reed, strong grass in water

pejo mod distant, far away

piret na piretti -et/-etti vn.actn 1digging tool (for ear) 2water spring (pir2 drill (ear with cleaning tool), grind (peanuts with spinning tool))

pöpöt lo pöpötnï /-ni n wave

püdïco na püdïöt -co/-at n chaff, remains of crops after grain is taken away

pur2 /r/ v 1praise give thanks puret 2get up, wake up

rïk /k/ v rebuke, send away, chase, drive

rokojü /k/ -ojü v (flood waters) receed

rop /p/ v pay, reward ropet

ropet na ropetti -et/-etti vn.actn payment (rop pay, reward)

rutu /u/ v 1(water) receed, reduce 2(rope) is loosened

ten1 mod often, always

tiju /i/ -ju v guard, care for, watch, protect, wait katiyanit

tïk /k/ v close, shut, throw out, cast away

togor /r/ to- v hunt katogoronit (gor war, insurrection)

toküjö /k/ v preach, tell , warn (küjön2 be afraid)

toküjön /j/ to–an v warn, cause to fear (küjön2)