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tolutiaju /a/ -jiri v make succesful (lutu go before, walk onwards)

topur /r/ to- v row, go against water current (pur1 2 lay, place something)

tore3 /e/ to- v scatter, send away (re sweep, spread)

towilandu /l/ to–andu v make something grow (put water on, till soil)

toꞌdojü /o/ to–jü v put drops of water in eye

tuliaŋ /ŋ/ tu- v loose, give away, lead astray (liaŋan dissappear, be lost)

tülöndü /l/ -andu v (water) spills out, appear, enter

tuꞌdek /k/ tu- v distrub, do bad action that makes someone sad (ꞌdek want, desire)

ükö /ä/ v pour (water) on body, flow, shed, captsize a boat

ülït na ülïtön /-an n profit, gain, wages

wony /ny/ v pick, snatch, take away from

wuc1 /s/ v 1transfer, take away 2depart, leave

wuc2 mod 1waiting 2before, also

wüŋün /n/ v wail, cry of sadness

würï lo, na würïöt /-at n warthog, pig

/ï/ v swallow

yïꞌdïco na yïꞌdïöt -co/-at n yeasted flour from sitting in water over time

yuk /k/ v graze (animals) , watch, care for kayukunit yuket

yuket na yuketti -et/-etti vn.actn 1pasture, field for animals grazing 2reasting place (yuk graze (animals) , watch, care for)

ꞌbono lo Bw (Bari) Mundari: onoco n clothe around waist of women

ꞌdek /k/ v want, desire ꞌdeket tuꞌdek

ꞌdeket na ꞌdeketti -et/-etti vn.actn desire (ꞌdek want, desire)

ꞌdïrö na ꞌdïrönï /-ni n place of waste away from house

ꞌdoko /k/ -o v be carried by water current, flow