Bible Dictionary and Concordance



dailyRepetition every 24 hours. DTP The disciple is called daily to servanthood. We are challenged to live one day at a time. Daily we should come to Christ in pray and study so that we can be empowered for service by the Holy Spirit. Paul tells us that we need to be filled daily (Eph 5:18)
damnation / damnedPlace of eternal torment; the wicked will be judged and will spend all eternity in a place that God has prepared for them. DTPWe need to remember that this is a real event and a real place. There are no second chances. The moment one dies the end results are sealed for all eternity.
dance / dancingTo jump, skip, to swing around; expression of joy. DTP For the disciple of Christ, it is a way of individually and corporately expressing one's joy and love toward God; dance brings together all parts of mankind as one unit (body, soul and spirit) in an expression of praise to God.
dangerto suffer harm or loss; possible death and destruction to one life and soul.
DANIEL, book ofThis book is a prophetic book which is part of the Hebrew Scripture; Daniel was part of the group that was exiled to Babylon and became a government official. He was born and raised during the revival of King Josiah (compare Daniel 1 with 2 Kings 22, 23 and 2 Chronicles 34, 35). DTP It is very valuable for children to be raised with sensitivity to the presence of Almighty God in daily life. The first half of the book (chapters 1-6) consists of six different stories (interpreting a dream, fiery furnace, lion's den etc.); the second half of Daniel (chapters 7-12) consists of four futuristic visions; his book was to inspire the Israelites to know that even though they were in captivity, their God was with them and had a future plan for them and the Church's redemption and freedom.
dark / dark sayingThe absence of light, a place where one cannot see; to be ignorant of facts, to be spiritually blind.
darknessThis is the absence of light, when no light is present, it is like being "pitch black". One cannot see anything around them. One may say, "It is so dark one cannot see his own hand", it is like being blind. DTP It is so important that we have the light of Christ in us and also flowing out through us, lighting our pathway before us, because without Him we walk into outer darkness, blind to what lies ahead.
daughter / daughtersFemale offspring of a man and a woman.
DavidA Bible character who was a shepherd who became king of Israel. A friend of God. One who worshipped God through song. One who was brave and had faith that God would take care of him in all areas of his life.
Davidic covenantA binding covenant made by God with David, which promised him a house (a continuing dynasty), a kingdom (Messiah would one day rule), a throne, an eternal rule. Davidic covenants: 2 Sam 7:11-16.
day / daysA twenty four hours period of time, including both light and dark period. Seven days make a week and 365 days makes one year. DTP We are told that each day is a day that the Lord has made and has given to us and, because of this, we need to use our days wisely because they are numbered. Each day has its challenges; that is why we must seek out Christ Jesus for the power and understanding of how we should live that gift of a new day for His glory.
Day of AtonementThis was a Jewish festival that took place somewhere between September and October. The High Priest would offer sacrifice to atone for the nation's sin. The word atone can be described as reconciliation, penitence, compensation, making amends, recompense; the removal or forgiveness of sin through a sacrifice, resulting in our acceptance before God (Ex 30:10; Lev 23:26-31; Num 29:7-11). The Jewish people call this day "Yom Kippur".
day of the LORD / LordIn the Old Testament this title describes the punishment of Israel, Joel 1:15; Zeph 1:7, 14. It can also describe a coming day of judgment on other nations or upon humans themselves. DTP For the disciples, it represents the second coming of Christ 1 Cor 1:8. This is a future time when Jesus Christ will judge the believers.
deacon / deaconsServant, appointed by elders, male or female; the Greek word means servant. DTP The deacons' ministry was often dealing with the material needs of the church people; a list of qualification was given by Paul to Timothy (Acts 6:1-6; 1 Tim 3:8-13).
deaconessServant, appointed by elders, female; the Greek word means servant. DTP The deaconess' ministry was often dealing with the material needs of the church people.
deadDead, to be dead; this is when a person's body no longer functions as a living being; the organs all shut down. DTP It can also refer to spiritual death were one is outside the family of God, one who is hard hearted; through our sin nature, man is born into spiritual death; man is dead in trespasses and sin. Jesus was also on the third day raised from the dead (Rom 1:4). When one makes a personal commitment through confessing one's sin to Christ we are moved from death into a place of eternal life.
deafInability to hear. DTP In addition to the physical inability to hear, we may also be deaf to hearing what the Spirit of God is trying to say to us. Often we are challenged by the Scripture to hear what the Spirit is saying and if we are deaf spiritually, we miss out on many of God's blessing for our lives.
deathDead, lifeless, no longer physically alive. DTP In the Scriptures this word refers to both physical and spiritual death; Paul states that the wages of sin is death; one needs to make a personal commitment to Christ. If one hopes to have eternal life with Christ spiritually.
debt / debtorIt means to owe something to another, money owing, an obligation that one has committed to with another person. DTP As disciples we cannot, by ourselves, pay the debt for our sins. Christ came to pay our debt by shedding His blood for us on the cross for us, paying the penalty for our sins.
deceitFalsehood, deception, trickery, crooked ways; a "deceiver" is one that misleads others by their lives and by their speech. DTP The key to having peace in one's life is to walk a life of truth. We should not be deceiving those around us because we are told that whatever we plant we will one day reap. (Gal 6:7-9).
deceitful/ deceitfulnessFalsehood, fraud, imposture, trickery, double-dealing, cheating, crooked ways, deceptive, misleading, counterfeit; the misleading character of a person can be expressed both through words and actions. DTP The disciple is not to be deceitful but, rather, honest and pure before the Lord and before people.
deceive / deceived / deceiverLiar, fraud, swindler, cheat. DTP Such people do not understand that, while they may be able to deceive man, God knows all and cannot be deceived; man's wickedness is always seen by the eye of God and is recorded for the Day of Judgment.
deceptionLie, imposture, cheat; it is the state of knowing the truth but deciding to do something different by one's words and actions; even religious groups can be involved in some form of deception. Taking the truth of God and twisting it to mean something else. Gen 12:13; 20:2; 26:7; Judg 16:4-29; John 9:3-15
decisionConclusion, judgment, determination, pronouncement, fixed, established, firm statement. DTP The disciple has to make many decision in his walk of faith with Christ but the most important one is to make a decision to be a follower of Christ, to die to one's will and live a life fully for Christ Jesus; a decision is a free will action from the heart of the person to invite Christ personally into one's heart as Lord and Saviour. A decision is to make a clear choice on which way one will go (Deut 30:19; Josh 23:8; 24:15; Col 2:6; 2 Pet 3:17-18).
declare / declaredTell, affirm, state, proclaim, publish; a confession or acknowledgement of something. DTP It is needful that one gives testimony and declares before man their commitment to Christ Jesus.