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eagleA bird of prey that can fly to tremendous heights and has the ability to see great distances. It can soar on the current of the winds but dive to extreme speeds to catch its prey. DTP The disciple is to have wings like an eagle and to fly high above the storms of life, discerning the Lord's truth.
earA part of the body that was created by God so that man could hear. DTP A famous Greek philosopher said that we were given two ears and one mouth, so that we could listen twice as much as we speak. We are to be quick to hear but slow to speak. With our hearts, we need to come to the place where we can hear the still small voice of God calling us out from this world to do His will here on earth.
earthWorld, ground, globe; DTP God created the earth in six days, all that which is in the sea, all that is on the land, all that is in the sky and all that which is in the heaven.
eastOne of the four directions that one can travel on the earth. There is the North, South, East, and West. North and South have fixed pole; East and West have no such fixed poles. One cannot go east in order to get to west. DTP It is good to know that when we confess our sins they are remembered no more; they are cast away as far as the East is from the West.
EasterThis is a yearly festival that takes place the first Sunday following the first full moon after March 21. Originally it was pagan holiday to honour Eastra or Ostara a Teutonic goddess. DTP For the disciple it is a time when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with many faithful Christians around the world. The original celebration focused on the resurrection of Jesus Christ after He had been cruelly hung and killed on the cross. The word Easter is found in Acts 12:4 but it would have been better to use the word "Passover". Today Easter is filled with many pagan and other secular and religious traditions that have nothing to do with the original remembrance day of Jesus Christ's resurrection. Yet, the fact that many governmental authorities around the world recognize the sacred day is a testament to the superintendence of God over all.
Eastern OrthodoxThis name was given to the Eastern Greek Churches after AD 1054. This was a dividing point known as "The Great Schism". The eastern churches were centered in Constantinople, headed by a patriarch. The western church, which had a pope as its leader, was centered in Rome. There are seven main differences between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic churches:
eat /eaten / eatethTo consume or devour, to take in food through the mouth, the action of chewing and breaking up of food for consumption. DTP We often eat several meals a day to give us strength and power to be able to work and think, and to sustain life, but we are also to eat and drink of the word of God. We are to partake through communion a meal that is to remind us of what Christ Jesus has done for us spiritually on the cross.
ECCLESIASTES, book ofMeans preacher; author is thought to be King Solomon, written around 1015 to 975 BC. The book seems to try to examine life from all possible perspectives; it focuses on two things: 1) true satisfaction can only come from God and 2) we must remember the Creator and that the good things of life all come from Him.
ecclesiologyConcerns the study of the church; ekklesia is the Greek word for "assembly"; one would study this doctrine in all the various aspects including examples such as leadership, body ministry, gifting, fruit, rapture, end times, etc.
EdenOriginal home of God's first created humans, Adam and Eve. It was also the place where Adam and Eve were disobedient to God and ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Because of this sinful act mankind was barred from the Garden of Eden.
edify / edifying /edificationTeaching, to build up, encourage, praise; to help lift up one another emotionally and spiritually in the Lord. DTP The church is to be a place of teaching and building up the disciples of Christ.
El / ElohimA Hebrew term that was used to mean Deity. Examples are; El-Elyon (God Most High; Gen 14:18-22), El-Shaddai (God Almighty, Gen 17:1). A word or title that expressed the awesomeness of the one true God the Creator of all heaven and earth.
elder / eldersLeader, overseer, advisor, senior, to be mature, having experience and knowledge. DTP The church is to have elders who can oversee, to know what is happening to the flock of God. They are to provide wisdom, both in equipping and training, so that disciples may mature and produce fruit that will last. They are also to seek God in prayer. Like deacons they too, must meet certain standards before they are set apart for the ministry of eldership in the church (1 Tim 3:1-7; Tit 1:5-9).
elect / electionAppointment, determination, choice, choose, select, vote, decide. DTP God is calling out to people each day, choosing individuals by His mercy and grace; He sent His Son as one crying out to us in the wilderness (offering salvation), but the decision is still up to each of us.
Elohim / LORD/ LordThis is the most common name for God in the Bible; translated as YAHWEH or LORD from the Hebrew; the self-existent One; the all eternal One; the One Supreme in Authority. In the Greek, the idea is similar (kurios #2962 from kuros), but only the first letter of the word Lord is capitalized.
embalm / embalmedPreserve from decay; to prepare the body for burial. In past times it involved anointing the body with oil and spices; the body was then wrapped in linen; today a chemical is injected into the body, removing the blood, preserving the body for a period of time. Examples of preparation of the dead: Mark 15:46; 16:1; John 19:39, 40.
Emmanuel / ImmanuelEmmanuel; the meaning of this name of Christ is "God with us". DTP For the disciple this name carries so much personal meaning because now the living God, through Jesus Christ, personally indwells our hearts.
empowered / empoweringAuthorize, allow, sanction, official permission. DTP Christ empowers us for service by His Holy Spirit; the disciple becomes empowered through Christ's authority (Matt 10:1 NASB).
encourage / encouragedGive confidence, hearten, cheer, support, exhort. The disciple should have the ministry of lifting up or building up others in the Word of God as a result of the Good News of Christ Jesus' redemptive power.
encouragement, gift / exhortation, giftExhort; give confidence, hearten, cheer, support, exhort. DTP To lift or build another up in the Word and in Christ Jesus.
end / endedFinish, conclusion, termination, close, expiration, completion, final; it is all over, there is nothing more ahead. DTP We need to understand that in God's creation, all things have a beginning and an end. Only God has no beginning or end, but in His creation everything has times and seasons.
end times / end of the worldCan also be known as the "end of the world", a season of time before Christ sets up His new Kingdom.
endure / endured / endurethTo be never ending, to continue through all trials and tribulations, able to endure much hardship and sorrow, to be firm, to go on, to carry on through to the end. DTP Disciples need to take on an attitude of endurance as pilgrims here on earth; it will be worth it all when we stand face to face before Jesus Christ. Christ, through the Holy Spirit, will empower us through prayer so that we will be able to endure, not on our own, but in Christ's strength and ability.
enemy / enemiesAdversary, one who actively opposes or is hostile to someone; people who go to war against other peoples. DTP The disciples need to know that we have physical and spiritual enemies who want to destroy and, if possible, kill. The world has seen many disciples of Christ martyred over the last 2000 years and each day more are killed. We are in a battle between as well as directly with Satan who is the ruler of this world. We need to put on the full armour of God and come to the Father to be filled by the power of the Holy Spirit daily. Also, we need to get into the Word of God and ask God in prayer to open up our spiritual eyes and ears, so we can know from where the enemy is attacking.
engrafted or graftingTo connect, join, link, to splice into another, two becoming connected as one; fruit trees often have branches from other trees grafted into them to produce a better quality fruit; DTP As disciples of Christ we are to be engrafted into Christ Jesus so that we will produce fruit for His glory, in order to show that we are His disciples (John 15:1-11). It is God's ultimate glorious plan that both Jews and Gentiles be grafted into one unit, the Body of Jesus Christ (Rom 11:17-36).

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