Bible Dictionary and Concordance



face / face to faceThe usually observed portion of a person's head ... eyes, nose, mouth etc. "Face to face" communication involves both hearing what the other person says and seeing their facial expressions. DTP Disciples can come into the intimate presence of God, meeting "face to face" with God in His very Person. The Bible tells us that the eyes are a window to one's heart. Meeting face to face gives the ability to look in to each other's heart.
fail / failethTo be unsuccessful, not to succeed, to fall short of a goal or mark, not able to make the passing grade, to be disappointed over a result or an event that has taken place. DTP We as disciples must always remember that there will be times that we fail God and one another, but God is a God who restores (Psalm 23:3). Failure is not the end; we should turn failure into a teaching and maturing experience leading to more growth in Christ Jesus. When we call upon His name and confess our faults He puts us back on our feet and exhorts us to keep moving forward in faith with Him.
faint / faintedTo be weak, dim, feeble, unclear, shadowy, to lose consciousness, not to be awake, not aware of one's surroundings, deep sleep, not easy to awaken. DTP The scriptures challenge the disciple to keep a clear mind and not to faint or become weary over the trials and struggles of life. We are encouraged to keep in prayer and to give ourselves over to Christ who will encourage and strengthen us when we feel weak.
faithConfidence, trust, assurance, belief, obedience; DTP For disciples, faith is putting complete trust and confidence in Jesus Christ, stepping out into the unknown and believing that He is able to carry us through this life, until we meet Him face to face in glory. Hebrews chapter 11 is a testimony chapter of faith. (Heroes of Faith)
faithfulLoyal, devoted, trustworthy, steadfast, dedicated. DTP Keeping one's promise to another; unwavering belief in God and His Word.
faithfulnessAuthenticity, realism, closeness, truthfulness. DTP Standing firm in our God and in His teachings; believing that God does, and will keep His covenants, promises and word.
fallTo drop from one position to another, collapse, to be captured or defeated, yield to temptation. DTP The Bible teaches that man has fallen away from God; through an act of disobedience, our sin created a gulf between ourselves and God; Christ is the only one Who can restore us back from a fallen nature to a place of being a righteous, upstanding child of God.
fall of man / fallenThe Bible teaches that man has fallen away from God; through an act of disobedience, our sin created a gulf between ourselves and God. This truth is made clear to us in Genesis chapter 3. Because of our fallen nature Christ is the only one who can restore us back from a fallen nature to a place of being a righteous, upstanding child of God.
fallen angelsCreated beings who rebelled against God and His divine will; angels who were cast out from heaven for all eternity; many believe that demons are fallen angels. Perhaps one third of the original angels became fallen: compare Revelation 12:9 - The great dragon was hurled down; that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him; with Revelation 12:3 - Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth.
falseLying, untrue, incorrect, dishonest, doing something wrong, not telling the truth, being deceptive, deceitful, fabricate. DTP The challenge that all disciples face is to remain true to the teachings of the Bible. Don't just assume that preachers or teachers are proclaiming the truth; we are warned that in the last days there will be many false teachers, prophets, preachers and false Christs. We need to discern the difference between what is true or false. One gives life the other leads to destruction and death.
false ChristsCounterfeit Christs masquerading as the Messiah, claiming to be the saviour of the world. People who have turned their backs to Christ and His word; they proclaim another teaching that leads to bondage and destruction.
false prophet / false prophetsA person who performs miraculous signs and, through his actions and teaching, deceives many people; in the end time, such a person will cause people to worship the beast.
false witness / false witnessesPeople who claim to have special insight (after hearing or seeing something) which they purport to be truth; they may twist truth into half-truths or outright lies. They may even claim that God is their witness, not realizing they are guilty before God, and have brought a curse and death upon themselves.
family / familiesRelatives, relations, kin; a family unit usually consisting of a man and a woman who have at least one child; in the larger sense it can be a people group who are often related to one another by blood or marriage. DTP Upon becoming disciples of Christ, we become part of His family, the church.
famineFood shortage, starvation; a time when people in a particular area go without food for a long period of time, often resulting in extreme hunger and even starvation. DTP God also brings times of spiritual famine which cause us to draw closer to Him. The Word of God is our food but if we are not led by the Spirit and partake of His word, we will experience a famine in our lives and will experience mental and spiritual malnutrition.
fastQuick, speedy, rapid, swift, prompt, to be firmly anchored. DTP The disciple of Christ is to be firmly anchored to Christ and His Word. We are to be fastened to Him who is our rock and foundation in times of trouble, but we should also, each day, be quick to run into the arms of our God who lovingly keeps us and nurtures us for growth.
fasting / fasted / fastTo abstain from something for a period of time. DTP Food fasting is going without food and/or water for a set period of time. The disciple is encouraged to take time for fasting and prayer, the purpose being to draw closer to God and His will for our lives.
Father / father / fathersA male parent, meaning "protector", often one who is a leader or one who brought something into being; one who cares for and helps nurture a child or children. DTP The disciple has an earthly father but, through faith, we also have a heavenly Father who cares and watches over us at all times, seeing the challenges that we face and knowing our daily needs.
fatherlessSomeone who has lost a father due to death or separation of parents. DTP The disciple needs to be aware of the poor widows and fatherless. They are part of the family of God and when we make an effort to serve and help them God extends special blessing to us.
favourTo receive grace, an act of kindness. DTP God pours out His blessing upon His people, but His blessing comes most often when we are obedient to His Word and His will. Through faith, we become God's children; as our Father, He loves us and walks with us as we serve Him here on earth.
fear / fearedDread, terror, frightened or a feeling of being in danger or being hurt, to dread, tremble, to show respect, honour and reverence. DTP For the disciple it is a reverent, holy respect toward God; The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom (Pro 9:10).
feast / feastsBanquet, spread, dinner, extensive meal, buffet feast. DTP Throughout the Old Testament and even today, in Israel, the Jewish people celebrate many different feasts. Each feast was to draw the people back to a remembrance of what God had done, and to anticipate His will for what He would yet do in their lives. There were three major feasts in Israel, called "pilgrim feasts" (Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of Weeks and Feast of Tabernacles).
feast of BoothsThis was a celebration to remember how God had provided for the people of Israel during their time of wondering in the wilderness; the feast began five days after the Day of Atonement. (Also known as Feast of Tabernacles) see Lev 23:33-34; Num 29:12-40.
feast of dedicationA Jewish feast that lasted eight days, often occurring in the month of Kislev; it was a time to celebrate restoration and consecration of the Temple; this festival began around 165 to 164 BC under the Maccabees; tradition states that when the seven-branch Menorah was lit it burned for eight days, using only one day's supply of oil. (Also known as Feast of Lights)
feast of first fruitsThis celebration took place annually at the beginning of the wheat harvest; because it took place 50 days after the Passover, it became known as "Pentecost" meaning "fifty" days; (also known as Feast of Weeks) see Num 28:26; Deut 16:16.