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GALATIANS, book ofWritten to the Galatian church, one of Paul's epistles (a "Pauline" epistle); main purpose was to teach on the subject of legalism and how it relates to the Gospel of Christ's grace. Paul was trying to get the people to return to a clear commitment to Christ and the complete truth of the full Gospel of Christ.
garden / gardensA cultivated area to grow plants; example, vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices.
garment / garmentsOuter or inner clothing, often made of woven material of different colours. DTP We are to be clothed spiritually with attributes like grace, righteousness, praise etc. Our spiritual garments are to be clean before the Lord. We are told that, when we meet the Lord face-to-face in heaven, we will be given new, heavenly garments.
gate / gatesEntrance, opening, door (see the word door); Jerusalem had many different kinds of gates into the city; the gates were also rallying points and business places where people would gather. DTP Jesus taught that He was a door or gate to the sheepfold; He said, "I am the gate / door" (John 10:1-9); He also talked about the Gates of Hell.
gatekeeper / keeper of the gateGuard, protector, sentry, watchman, lookout, security officer; many cities had surrounding and, at key places they would have entrance ways or gates where people could enter or leave; if there was a problem or an approaching enemy, the gatekeeper would sound an alarm and close the gate. DTP The disciples are also to be gatekeepers of the Word and truth of God, we are also to help protect the people or the church of God from the enemies both physically and spiritually.
gather / gathered / gatherethTo assemble, to bring to one place, to meet or collect. DTP It is important that all believers in Christ come together as a body of servants to help and encourage one another. We are not called to be individuals but are called to become part of a community.
gaveTo have provided someone with your goods or services. A true giver must give from that which belongs to him/her, from their own personal possessions. DTP God gave His one and only Son as a ransom for our sins. He gave us forgiveness and life. He gave to us so that as good stewards, we could give to others. Jesus gave and forgave so we could give and forgive others.
genealogy / genealogiesFamily tree, descent, lineage, pedigree, record of ancestry. Genealogies of Jesus are listed in both Matthew and Luke. Knowing one's family tree was very important in the Jewish culture.
general EpistlesThese were New Testament books written either to individuals or to churches: there are 21 books in total; the authors were Paul, James, John, Jude and Peter; these books often contain exhortation and doctrine for the individual disciple as well as for the church.
generation / generationsReferring to people's offspring; a period of time equaling 30 years or more; the time between the birth of a parent and the birth of their first child; God's blessings or curses can follow through to many successive generations. DTP Things that we do today can affect many people for generations to come. The seeds that we plant now can affect up to 10 generation down the road. We must seek God and ask Him to help us to understand His will and direction for our lives.
GENESIS, book ofIt is the first book of the Bible and was written by Moses; it can be divided into two parts: history of the world up to the time of Abraham (Chapters 1-11), and then the history of the four patriarchs (chapters 12-50); the word "genesis" means beginning or origin.
Gentile / GentilesThis word is used to describe a non-Jew or heathen; a person who is not a descendant of Abraham. DTP Following the Jews' rejection of the Gospel of Christ. Many missionaries began taking the Good News to the Gentiles who began to receive the truth about God's fulfillment of His promise to Abraham that in His seed, Jesus, all the peoples of the world would be blessed (Gen 12:2-3)
gentle / gently / gentlenessKind, kindness, tender, tenderness, mildness, calmness. DTP The disciple should see that this is an attribute of God, part of the very nature and character of who He is. Because of this, the relationship of abiding in Him (John 15:1-11), this trait should also flow out from us to others. For the disciple, gentleness is one of the Fruit of the Spirit; gentleness should be part of our ministry within the Body of Christ and out to a lost world. (See fruit of the Spirit)
Ghost / ghostWhen a person died it was said that he gave up his ghost (soul part of man); the word "ghost" is also used to mean wandering spirits of man after death who have not yet found a place of final rest or destiny. DTP In the Bible, the word ghost was used as a name for the Spirit of God, as in "Holy Ghost" or "Holy Spirit". For the disciple, the Spirit of God is the teacher, comforter, the One Who empowers for ministry and service.
gift / giftsPresent, contribution. DTP We as people of God are to give a gift (a blessing) to one another in practical ways as well as by words of encouragement. God gave to us the gift of His Son; since we have freely received, we should freely give to others that which God has given to us.
gift of the Holy Ghost / Holy SpiritAs disciples, we are to request of God to give to us the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that we will have a purpose and ministry within Christ's Body, the church. Gifts are given according to God's will and purpose for our lives. They are given to equip us so that we can do works of service, and so that we can be a light for Christ to a lost world.
give / given / giveth Provide, present, donate, bestow, hand over, commit, and deliver. DTP Jesus gave and forgave so that we as disciples could give and forgive others; giving is taking something that we have or possess and donating it to someone else. Jesus said, "Freely you have received, now freely give (Matt 10:8).
gladTo be joyful, happy, gratified, pleased, grateful. DTP An emotion or feeling welling up from within the disciple's heart and expressed through words and actions; it is keeping our eyes on God and heaven, knowing that God is in control of all things.
gladnessJoy, happiness, gratification; pleasure, gratefulness. DTP An emotion or feeling that rises up from the disciple's heart; as one of the fruits of the Spirit, it should be shared with those around us; it is keeping our eyes on God and heaven, knowing that God is in control of all things.
glean / gleaningGather, collect, pick up the harvest. DTP After the harvest, the farmers were to leave some unharvested crop in the fields so that the poor and widows could follow the harvesters and collect up some grain for food. God blesses us with harvest but, as disciples, we need to remember always to share that what God has given us, especially with the poor and needy.
glorificationAdoration, exaltation, elevation, praise. DTP It was the final step of Christ's Resurrection and it will be also our final step when we will be cleansed from all sin; it will take place instantly as we enter heaven; we will at that time become spiritually perfect (Rom 8:23, 30).
glory / glorified / glorify / gloriousGlory, majesty, honour, greatness, splendor, exaltation; these are terms that are often used to describe God, the Father and Jesus Christ. DTP Man is to lift words of tribute and praise to our great Creator; the One who, while in heaven, also dwells in the hearts of Christ's disciples.
GnosticismA movement originating in the second century, emphasizing knowledge and enlightenment; gnosis means knowledge. DTP The later disciples of the church got confused between the knowledge and wisdom that came from above, and that which seemed to come from the heart of man; Gnostics seemed more man-centered than God-centered.
go To move, to proceed, to do an action. DTP The disciple of Christ is to be a sent one, a person who goes forth with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Jesus commanded His disciples to go out and make more disciples, teaching them and baptizing them.
GodSupreme, Perfect, Infinite being, self-existing, supreme being, creator, disengaged, free from impediment, in whom all things have their source, support and end; the term "God" is man's way to try to give a name to our divine Creator and Lord; the One who has no beginning or end. DTP God is to be our all and all. We are to die to our will and serve His will; God lives personally in our hearts; we are therefore going to live eternally.

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