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HABAKKUK, book ofWritten by the prophet Habakkuk between 605 and 587 BC.; this book deals mainly with the invasion of Palestine by the Chaldeans; Habakkuk challenges God on how He deals with His people Israel.
habitComes from the idea of "to have", a condition or characteristic of how one acts or lives; it includes one's thoughts and emotions. It is something that a person does over and over again; can be either a negative or positive routine in one's life. Some other words that describe the idea of habit could be custom, practice, tradition or pattern. (See Phil 4:4-9.)
habitationResidence, a place to stay, abode, a home, dwelling place. DTP The disciple's heart is to be a habitation of God Almighty; upon repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, God abides in our lives/hearts. We are to be chosen vessels to bring honour and glory to His name wherever we go and live.
Hades / SheolAnother name for Hell; sometimes refers to the unseen world; this is the place where the dead are; the Hebrew uses the word "Sheol" and the Greeks "Hades".
HAGGAI, book ofThis Old Testament book contains prophesies about Palestine; written around 520 BC; Haggai encouraged the people to rebuild the Temple and gave them a Messianic hope.
Hallelujah / Alleluia"Praise be unto God" or "Praise the LORD", or "May He be glorified and praised"; this word is found at the beginning of many Psalms: See Psalms 106; 111; 112; 113; 135; 146; 150; It is praise to Jehovah coming from deep within the heart of man.
hamartiologyThis is the study of sin; dealing with its origin, its range and its scope, plus the penalty that is attached to sin; all mankind is born in trespasses and sin (Eph 2:1), and we all have a sin nature. (See the word sin)
hand / handsScripture uses the word "hand" both in a physical sense and a spiritual one; the hand is used to greet one another, to be lifted up before God in praise. It can also symbolize that, as His children, we are in God's hands. The hand can represent power, support, submission, protection, tenderness and correction.
handmaid / handmaids /handmaidensA maidservant, female slave or servant. DTP Represented a woman deeply devoted to God in areas of service and commitment.
hands, to lay on / hands, laid their Symbolizing the anointing or blessing of an individual or group, often by a sending group. Accompanied by prayer, sometimes done for the sick, for those requiring deliverance, or for those needing encouragement. Also done when setting a person apart for ministry and service as well as for the filling of the Holy Spirit. (See Ex 29:10, 15, 19 and Lev 8:14-18)
happyContented, pleased, glad, joyful, cheerful; emotion arising from within one's mind and heart; usually caused by circumstances and events that have taken place around the person.
harden / hardenedBecome firm, set, freeze or frozen, solidify; not pliable or soft; can happen both physically or spiritually; God can harden a man's heart or a man can harden his heart towards God.
hardness of heartA state where a man heart is not open or soft toward the love, grace or teachings of God; the man seems not to hear the Holy Spirit or see God in his life.
harlot / harlotsProstitute; most often used of a woman who practices sexual indulgence for personal gain; the term can also apply figuratively to Israel to describe her unfaithfulness to God (Jer 2:20; Ezek 23:5).
harmonyAgreement, accord, a coming together, uniting; a mixing together to make one from many parts. DTP The members of the church are to be in harmony with each other; the disciple is to walk and live in harmony with God. It is important to be like minded in the body of Christ. (See Phil 2:2)
harvestCrop, yield, reap, return, picking or gathering the fruit from a crop. DTP The disciples are to go out into the harvest fields that God has prepared; God desires to harvest fruit from our lives to show that we are His children and disciples.
hate / hated / hatethAbhorrence, hatred, revulsion, disgust, extreme dislike. DTP As believers, we should hate sin but love the sinner; we should hate what God hates.
headSkull, cranium, top, start, leader, chief, the thinking part of the physical body. DTP Christ, as the "Head", guides and directs His body (Eph 1:22) the church.
headstone / head of the corner /corner stoneFoundation stone, keystone, basis. DTP In Biblical times, this was the first stone picked from the quarry and brought to the building site, being placed where one of the corners of the building would be; then, from that stone, all other angles and measurements would be made. Also, it sometimes was the last stone put in an archway, like in a doorway. Christ was rejected by the religious people of the world but God selected Christ to be the chief cornerstone of His new kingdom and church.
heal / healed / healeth / healing Cure, restore to health, repair, make well. DTP During His earthly ministry Jesus healed many people; the Scriptures proclaim that by His stripes we are healed; Christ has become our healer; Christ also gave to the disciples the ability to heal others through faith in Him (Matt 10:1, 8). Paul tells the Corinthian church about the gift of healing (1 Cor 12:9, 28, 30).
hear / heard / hearing / heareth Listen, hearken, one of the six senses of the body. To understand that which is being said to oneself. DTP Disciples need to listen to people and hear from God; God speaks to His children and they must discern His voice for their lives. We are to hear the voice of God in our hearts. We are challenged to hear and to do the will of God.
hearken / hearkenedAttend to, to hear intently, to obey, to give attention to. DTP It is important that the disciple tunes his ears to the voice of God and is obedient to what He is saying to us. To those who listen, God gives instructions as to how we should live and walk. It is key to listen intently and get the full message of what God is saying.
heart / heartsSensitivity, tenderness, concern, core, center; thinking, emotion, compassion, feeling, affection (Isa 65:14; Rom 10:9). DTP For the disciple of Christ "heart" refers to the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of their being; we refer to inviting Christ into our hearts as Lord and Saviour. The Holy Spirit fills with His very presence; our thinking and actions should be guided by a servant heart that is surrendered to Christ.
heathenA Gentile, one who is not circumcised as a Jew.
heave offeringSee section on "offering, heave".