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I Am / I am"To be" or "truly I am" (strong statement); self-title that God the Father and God the Son used to proclaim who He was, linking Himself explicitly as God in Exodus 3:14.
ichthys or ichthus / fishThis was the Greek word for fish; in the early church the letters served as an acronym which translated meant: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour. The drawing of the fish showed that they were disciples of, "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour". This symbol can be found on depicted on many things around the world to this day.
idols / idolatry / idolaterAn idol is an image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship or adoration is addressed. Idolatry is the worship given to such images. Pagodas, shrines, and temples are often built in honor of such false deities; people that take things or make things to represent a god and then worship them as gods. DTP Scripture forbids disciples to worship idols. See the Ten Commandments, Ex 20:1-15. See the life of Solomon, 1 Kings 11:1-8. See the ways of man, Romans 1:21-25.
ignorantUnaware, uninformed, unfamiliar, unknowing, oblivious, not understanding or comprehending a truth or teaching. DTP On the day of judgement we will not be able to plead ignorance; God has given us His Word and His world. We will not be able to say that "we didn't know". We are each responsible for our walk before the Lord Jesus Christ and we must work hard at knowing His truth because it is His truth that sets us free. (John 8:32).
illuminatedLight, enlightenment, clarification, explanation; the idea that something comes to light or that one now understands; God has allowed us to see the truth of His Word or some truths about who He is. DTP Illumination is the work of the Holy Spirit in the disciple's life.
image / imagesStatue, picture, embodiment, form or shape that represents something else. DTP The Bible teaches that we are not to make or worship images of things that we presume to be gods; still today, man continues to worship created things rather than worshipping God the Creator of all things; the disciple can easily fall into idolatry ... the worship of images. (See Daniel 3:1-18 and Romans 1:23.)
immaculate conceptionA dogma of the Catholic Church that teaches that at the moment of Jesus' conception, Mary received immunity from original sin. She became sinless and immediately became holy and worthy of worship because of being the mother of the Son of God. The challenge with this teaching is that it takes away the "Son of Man" side of Jesus Christ. Christ could not pay for our sins unless He lived as a man and was sinless, making it then possible to become the perfect sacrificial Lamb for our sins.
ImmanuelSee Emmanuel; translated as "God with Us"; Christ is God who came to be with us and, after His death and resurrection, He came to be "in" us; the disciple has Christ personally dwelling in his heart and life.
immersionPlunging; to be totally covered over; another word for baptism; the person is to be totally buried in water, covered over (representing death), then to come up out of the water, being made alive in Christ Jesus; we die to ourselves and live for Christ.
immortal / immortalityExemption from death, unending life, unlimited existence. DTP As disciples, we enter into a personal relationship with Christ at that moment we receive life eternal; we live forever because Christ lives in us.
immutability / immutableUnchangeable, constant, permanent, fixed; the unchangeableness of God; God's nature, character and promises never change; they are fixed for all eternity (Gen 6:6; Hos 11:8).
impossibleNot able to happen or occur, not able to be done or to exist. DTP With Christ all things are possible but our prayers must line up to the will of the Father in heaven.
impurityFoulness, unclean, defilement, unchasity, adulterated condition. DTP For the disciple, we come to Christ to receive His cleansing blood; sin makes us impure and only Christ's blood can wash us, make us pure, and prepare us to stand sinless before a Holy Father.
imputed / imputethCharge, accusation, assertion, complaint, allegation. DTP A legal term giving the idea that our sin has caused us to have a debt or charge against us; if not paid, the penalty is death. Christ came to pay the debt for all those who would believe on Him as their Lord and Saviour. He paid a price that we could not pay; He gave Himself by death (sacrificial Lamb) to the Father on our behalf.
inPreposition expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else; to be inside. DTP The word "in" is used thousands of time in the Bible but the key point of this word is that Christ Jesus desires to live "in" us through the power of the Holy Spirit. He desires to fill us and dwell in us. Because of His gift of faith, we are in Him, and He in us. He has given us so much.
incarnationPersonification, embodiment, manifestation, living form; bodily manifestation; God took on human nature and human flesh; He became like man in all ways, minus a sin nature.
incensePerfume, fragrance; an aroma that fills the room. DTP The disciple is to be a sweet-smelling incense (savour) unto the Lord, 2 Corinthians 2:15.
incense, altar ofThis was a piece of furniture that was located in the Holy place; there incense was burned and, as the smoke rose, to represent the prayers and worship of God's people in the presence of God; the incense was burned during the morning and evening sacrifices; it was to symbolize the prayers of the people going up to God.
incline / inclinedTo turn, to move toward, to draw very close, to be willing to do something. DTP As disciples, we need to draw close to God each day. We need to come to a place where we become quiet so that we can hear and then obey the still small voice of the Lord. We need to focus the ear of our heart on the will and leading of the Holy Spirit as He teaches us and leads us in our daily walk here on earth.
increase / increased / increasethTo enlarge, flourish, to grow or multiply. DTP The disciple is on a pilgrimage of growth in Christ Jesus. Christ must continue to increase in our lives and we need to decrease. Discipleship is a daily process of growing and maturing so that in the end we will produce fruit that will glorify Christ. Christ desires to bless us and fill us with more of His presence each day.
indignationTo have anger, wrath or fury, to annoy or to provoke. DTP Disciples should not provoke one other and, most of all, should not provoke God to anger. We need to walk carefully each day and to watch over our attitude, and how we think and live out our lives before God and others.
indwell / indwellingAbide; to have a presence that resides within someone or something. DTP The Holy Spirit comes to indwell or take up residence within the believer; the believer is to be the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19). See John 14:1-17; Eph 1:13-14.
inerrancyA theological term used to describe the Bible or the Word of God; it means "without error" (inerrancy); the original manuscripts were free from error and contradiction; the Bible is trustworthy, balanced and truthful in all areas.
infallibilityA theological term used to described the Bible or the Word of God, meaning that the Bible is exempt from liability to error; the doctrinal teaching that the Bible does not contradict itself or teach one truth in one part, then teach an opposite or different truth in another part; the Bible is trustworthy, balanced and truthful in all areas.
infiniteUnboundless, endless, measureless, perfect, limitless; no beginning or end; a term to express who God is; the One who was, and is, and will be for all time: past, present and future. He is outside of the bounds of time and is immeasurable in every respect of Who He is.

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