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oathThese are binding words of commitment either between two people or between a person and God. An oath or agreement is not to be broken. Such covenants are often witnessed by two or three people. Oaths are binding and lasting, often until death.
Obadiah, book ofThe name Obadiah means "servant or worshipper of the LORD". The dating of the book is around 852 to 841 BC. There are two major themes in the book. One is that God will curse the Edomites and the second theme is that He will cause the Israelites to prosper. The book is laid out in Hebrew poetry form. It is the shortest book of the Hebrew or Old Testament Scriptures.
obedience / obedientCompliance with an order, request, or law; submission to another's authority based on position or respect. DTP We are challenged by God through the written word to be obedient. We are to make a commitment to walk in the will of the Father and not to live by our will. The lack of obedience can bring about punishment or disfellowship with God and with other disciples of Jesus Christ.
obey / obeyed / obeyethfollow, comply with, abide by, conform. DTP To obey means that one carries out that which has been requested of them by one who is in a position of higher authority. The disciple is to trust and obey his Lord Jesus Christ, to follow and to do His Master's bidding in all things.
observe / observedTo behold, keep, to obey, perceive, witness, see, to note, discern, notice. DTP Disciples need to be aware of what they observe, as what is seen can lead to both good and evil.
obtain /obtainedTo find, acquire, achieve, attain. DTP The disciple can only do what one can do for God comes through obtaining His grace and mercy into our lives which can only come through His Son Jesus Christ.
offend / offended / offence / offencesHurt, sin, transgress, trespass, upset, insult, be rude to, cause offense. DTP Careless words can easily offend. Disciples need to be careful in how they relate to people and to God. The way we live can affect our family members as well as those around us. Our actions can result in either good or bad effects in others and we need to remember that God will hold us accountable for what we have said and done.
offer / offeredTo give, present, sacrifice, agreement, to present for acceptance or rejection. DTP Above all other offerings Christ desires that we offer up ourselves to Him as living sacrifices. The disciple of Christ is a servant who daily serves the Lord with his whole body, soul and spirit.
offeringTo bring, contribution, gift, donation, present, submission, a giving of finances or a sharing of one's possessions or a giving of oneself to the service of God. DTP Each day the disciple should offer his life to our Lord Jesus Christ.
offering, freewill / offerings, freewillA voluntary or charitable offering or gift (Ex 35:29) that is given above or in addition to what was required by the law of Moses (Lev 22:23; Ezr 3:5). There was special instruction for the people how this gift was to be given. DTP The tithe is what the believers gives, to show a commitment to their faith and church, but people could give above and beyond the requirement as a sign of faith and love to God and to the ministry of the church or to different mission outreaches.
offering, grainThis type of offering was instituted and described for the people in Lev 2:1-16. It was to be a memorial offering of sweet aroma to the LORD. This offering consisted of no meat but did have some parameters on how it was to be offered by the priest. The above Scripture breaks down to how it should be offered: there was the uncooked part (Lev 2:1-3) and then some of the grain would be cooked (Lev 2:4-10) and this part could be mixed with some specific ingredients (Lev 2:11-13). You could add salt, oil, and frankincense, but you could not add leaven (yeast) or honey (Lev 2:11). Finally, in Leviticus 2:12-16 talks how this offering could be an offering of the first fruits, using green heads of grain (Lev 2:14).
offering, heaveIt is done as part of an offering given “in an up and down” motion toward the LORD in heaven. It was the shoulder of the sacrificed animal that would be offered in this manner (Lev 7:34; Num 6:20).The heave offering represented a gift of thanksgiving to the “LORD as Ruler of heaven” and could be given at any time (Ex 29:28) and partaken by the whole family. It often took place during an offering (example the peace offering Lev 10:14-15; Numbers 18:19) and was connected to the wave offering which was done by the priest.
offering, peace / peace offeringsThis offering was instituted by Moses to the people by the direction of God (Lev Chapter 3 and Lev 7:11-21, 29:34). This offering was divided up between three different receivers: one part to God, another part to the priest and the third part to the giver. Because of this it was known as a communion or fellowship offering. This offering could be a sacrifice given for a blessing, or thanksgiving, it could also be given in a fulfilling of a vow and lastly given as part of the freewill offering. DTP Today we do not make a peace offering in a temple, but sometimes we give gifts to one another if we sense that we have hurt some or want to make amends to a person that we may have wronged, a way to show and ask for forgiveness. Plus, we may just want to show that we love and care for them. He is the Prince of Peace (Is 9:6). We should always bring to Him an offering of peace, through our words, gifts, and actions and it should flow out of thanksgiving and through a freewill heart.
offering, waveIt is done as part of an offering given “back and forth” motion toward the alter in the Holy of Holies. It was the breast of the sacrificed animal that would be offered in this manner (Lev 7:34; Num 6:20).The wave offering represented a gift of thanksgiving to the “LORD as Ruler of the earth” and could be given at any time (Ex 29:28) and partaken by the whole family. It often took place during an offering (example the peace offering Lev 10:14-15; Numbers 18:19) and was connected to the heave offering which was done by the priest.
officeA position of leadership, authority, trust or service. DTP In the Church, the Body of Christ, Jesus gives to His disciples different gifts and different offices, the purpose being to serve one another. Leaders need to serve, helping others to grow and mature in Christ Jesus. It is important that we seek to determine what gifts God has given us and where, as leaders, we should serve.
oilThe oil referred to in the Bible was produced from olives; it is mention over 200 times throughout the Bible. The purist oil was produced by extreme pressure. It was used for anointing, cooking, and lamps. Oil also represents the power of the Holy Spirit.
ointmentA cream, lotion or balm; often it is used to help in healing, to cleans a wound from infection. DTP The disciple can be anointed by the ointment and power of the Holy Spirit who can bring hope and healing to the wounded soul.
oldMature, aged, senior: people who have lived a long life often over 65 years of age. DTP A very important group of people in the body of Christ Jesus. Time has given them many life experiences that should be transferred on to the younger generations.
old man / old menThis term provides a picture of our old sinful nature; it also represents the condition into which we are all born. Also can simply refer to elderly males. DTP As disciples, we are commanded to die to our old self and live for Christ. We are to become a new creation, a testimony for His glory.
Old TestamentAlso known as the Old Covenant, it refers to the 39 books of the Hebrew Scriptures. The Scriptures are a testimony about God and how He works and speaks to His people. It is a written account of the history from the time of creation to about 400 years before Christ's birth.
OmegaLast letter of the Greek alphabet. The phrase "alpha and omega" represents the complete activity of God with mankind. It also expresses the idea of God's completeness and fullness concerning all created things both in heaven and on earth.
omnipotence / omnipotentGod's attribute of all-powerfulness, supremacy, control, influence, supreme, utmost, above all. He is the God of gods, the Creator and Ruler of the entire universe.
omnipresenceGod's attribute of being everywhere present at all places and at all times.
omniscienceGod's attribute of being all-knowing, totally informed.
oneSingle, unique, solitary, individual. DTP The disciple of Christ is called to become one with Christ, to die to self and live life totally as one with, and for, Him. Also, a man and woman, through marriage, becomes one as a couple before God.

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