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wait / waited / waiting / waitethStay, remain, linger, stop. DTP At times we are called by the Lord to wait and not get ahead of His plans for our lives; waiting can also be a call to meditate, to seek His face for wisdom and understanding, a time to hear from God and then fulfill His will for our lives.
walk / walked / walking / walkethwouStroll, amble, stride; an unhurried rate of movement on foot. A branch of activity, or a particular line of work. DTP We are encouraged to walk in the Lord, to follow in His footsteps; we need to move forward with Him in our maturity and growth; Paul encourages the believer to walk in the Spirit.
wall / wallsBarrier, divider, fence, barricade, a structure that can hold up an upper floor or roof; something that can keep things apart, a separation. DTP We need to make sure that all walls between ourselves and God are broken down, ensuring that there is nothing to block our ability to hear His still small voice. We also need to make sure that there is no dividing wall between us as believers within the church.
want / wantingTo desire after something, a need that one has, to crave after or hunger after. DTP People may want many things but the truth is that often they do not need what they so desire. Man craves for many fleshly desires that are not of the Lord. Disciples often pray for things they want, but God does not give those things because He knows they may be distracted from serving Him.
war / wars / warringArmed conflict, fight, combat, enmity, hostility, strife, battle between different people groups of one country or between countries. DTP The disciple can have a war within himself, between the flesh and the spirit; there can also be spiritual war between the believer and the armies of Satan.
warfareEngagement in the activities involved in war or conflict. Battle against an enemy; fight, conflict or combat. DTP As disciples, we are involved in spiritual warfare against Satan and all his demons. We are in a spiritual warfare between good and evil. (See full armor of God; Eph 6:10-20).
warn / warned / warning Admonish, enjoin, rebuke, reprove, to speak firmly and to help guide and direct those around you (especially to keep from harm). DTP The disciple is given many warnings throughout the Bible. They are there to help guide us in our journey here on earth; it is important that we take these exhortations seriously. The Word is our teacher and schoolmaster; we must learn from it if we hope to grow and live for Jesus Christ. Like signs on a road, Scriptural warnings can warn us about things to come.
wash / washed / washingTo clean with soap and water, to remove a stain or dirt. DTP The disciple needs cleansing from the filth of sin; only Christ can hear the prayer of confession and forgive. Our thoughts can make us unclean, but Christ washes and cleans us with His blood and with the Word.
watch / watching / watchethLook at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time. To keep a lookout, to keep an eye on, to take note of something, to observe something. DTP The disciple needs to be watchful with both physical and spiritual eyes. We need to be aware what the enemy is doing but also must our eyes open to watch and see what God is doing in our lives and in the world around us. The Bible is a window through which we can see Jesus and watch for Him. We are also told that, as we pray, we need to carefully watch what the Holy Spirit is showing to us to do or avoid doing.
watchman / watchmenMen employed to keep watch in a town at night. Watch guards, sentries; cities had watchmen at the watchtower of the city gates to sound a battle cry if an enemy was seen coming toward the city. DTP The Church of Christ also needs to have spiritual watchmen to warn the body of believers when and where the enemy is attacking. Like the people of Nehemiah's time, we need to always be ready for war. (See full armor of God, Eph 6:10-20).
watchtower / towerAn elevated place, usually on the walls of the city, where a guard can watch over the city and also look into the surrounding area for intruders; from the watchtower a warning would be sounded to get people prepared for battle.
water / waters / wateredWater is the liquid of life, keeping man physically alive. A transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, H2O. DTP Water is also used as a picture of what God provides for a thirsty soul; Christ is the living water who can quench the thirsty soul of man.
wave offeringSee section on “offering, wave”.
way /waysA road, a street, being shown a specific direction. A manner, mode, fashion or characteristic. DTP Jesus was also known as The Way (John 14:6); The Bible is like a road map that gives light to the way that man should walk; the early disciples were known as people of the Way (Acts 9:2).
weak / weaker / weakness Lacking physical strength and energy; can also refer to mental energy. Lacking power, influence or ability. DTP Disciples can become weak in their spirits. The result can be depression or hopelessness. We must understand that our strength is not to come from our ability or who we are; it must come through Christ's strength and ability.
weapon / weapons An instrument designed or used for inflicting bodily harm ... maiming or killing. DTP The disciple has a spiritual enemy; Paul tells the Ephesian church to put on the full armor of God. The sword was to represent the Word of God.
weary / weariedTo grow tired or to have little strength left. Lack of sleep or excessive exertion can lead to weariness. DTP We are encouraged not to grow weary, but to put our trust in Christ Jesus. He is the one Who can restore our souls and fill us with the power of His Holy Spirit. We are not alone; we must stand strong in Him.
wedding / espousals A special marriage ceremony where a man and woman make vows to each other in front of witnesses; the officiant then declares them to be husband and wife; the process where two become one. DTP The disciples of Christ (I.E. the church) is Christ's bride; one day there will be a great supper in heaven, known as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. (See parable of the wedding Matt 22:3-12. See the word marriage).
weep / wept / weeping / weepethTo shed tears as a result of deep emotional or physical pain, sadness, sorrow, distress, or a broken heart. DTP The disciple will shed tears here on earth, both tears of joy and tears of deep sorrow. Jesus sees our tears; indeed, He wept tears for mankind. Jesus has a heart that is deeply moved by what we go through as we journey here on earth.
well / wells A hole dug into the earth to get water. Also refers to good health and well-being. Refers also to something done in a good or satisfactory manner. DTP Christ is a well of living water for all who will come and drink; He is a well that never runs dry.
wellspringAn original and bountiful source of something. A fountain, source, spring; a place where water bubbles from the ground. DTP For the disciple, truth comes as wisdom and understanding as we seek God; it is abundant and flowing forth for those who seek Him.
wentDepart, left, to have gone, having proceeded to another location. DTP We read in the gospel how Jesus went from place to place ministering and teaching the people. Part of each disciple's calling is to go out and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. The great commission commands us to go (Matt 28:19-20). We are to give testimony throughout the day as we go about doing our various tasks. As Christ went out to serve others, so should we.
WesleyanismBegun by John and Charles Wesley in the 1700s in Britain, a movement of Protestant Christians who sought to follow the "methods" or theology of eighteenth century evangelical reformers; later this movement became known as the Methodist Church. He stressed the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The disciple was to have an individual experience with God. These people believed that justification was the door to a life of sanctification.
wheatA cereal plant which, when ground produces flour which can be used to make bread, pastries, or pasta. Also, the individual seed is referred to as wheat. DTP The disciple is to be a sower of seed that will also produce a harvest for God's glory.
whirlwindA column of wind which moves quickly in a circular fashion. In Scripture, God has been known to speak to individuals out of a whirlwind.

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