Dictionary Entries explained


A Nafaanra dictionary entry consists of a headword followed by the abbreviation for the part of speech in italics. A sample sentence may follow, along with the translation in English.

hachila n wisdom Pɔ wre lee na hachila ni. The child is growing with wisdom.

One headword may have more than one sense. In the following example, there are two definitions for the headword.

faŋga n 1) strength Faŋgaa wa pɔ wre nu. The child is strong and healthy. 2) grave, tomb Faŋga kre juari. The grave is broken.

The following example has three senses for the headword:

pe 1) v do Ki fna mbe pe ki pe nyaanyaa, mbe o sɛ. They should do it quickly so that we can go. 2) v make U ki pe mu chin. She knows how to do it. 3) pron they Pe n pan tun. They have not come yet.