The Nateni of Benin have a population of over 61,000 people. They are located in the department of Atacora, and in the Cobly, Kouandé, Matéri, Tanguiéta, and Toucountouna communes. Tayakou is the center of traditional beliefs and practices.

Nateni is classified as Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, North, Gur, Central, Northern, Oti-Volta, Gurma. The ISO code is ntm. The Nateni speak four different dialects: Nateni (Natemba, Natimba), Tayari (Tayaba), Kunteni (Kuntemba), and Okoni (Okoma). The Nateni (Natemba, Natimba) dialect is spoken in the commune of Toucountouna; the Tayari (Tayaba) dialect is spoken in the communes of Matéri, and Tanguiéta; the Kunteni (Kuntemba) dialect is spoken in the communes of Cobly, Matéri, and Tanguiéta; the Okoni (Okoma) dialect is spoken in the communes of Tanguiéta and Kouandé.

The Nateni highly value their language, using it in the home, in the markets, and places around the village. There are radio programs in Nateni as well as videos. Bible portions were done in 1999-2015.