+ omni-class
Abl. ablative
Adj. adjective
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
All. allative
Ant. antonym
Appar. related
Ass. associated with
Augm. augmentative
Base base
BG Baga (dialect) beeb gwɛɛgu (stative verb)
BN Banaa (dialect)
bot. botany (term)
bouch. butchery (term)
Caus. causative
cf confer (compare to)
circ. circumstance
cl. class
Coll. collective
comp. (form appearing in) composition
conj. conjunction/conjugaison
Cpart. conterpart diila gwɛɛgu (interjection)
Dim. diminutive
Disc. discontinuation
Disp. dispersive
divin. (term of) divination
Empr. loan word
env. about
f. form
f.dép. dependent form
ferr. ironworks (term)
fig. figurative sense
fr duplicated form
Fréq. frequentative
g. goweriikaɦgu (adverb)
Gén. generic
GN nominal group
gs. gosaaga (particle)
GV verbal group
h. hidr (noun)
h.b. hidr beeb (adjective)
ɦ.gw. ɦɛb gwɛɛgu (action verb)
h.t. hidr tɔgiitgu (pronoun)
Id idiom
imp. imperative
Inch. inchoative
ind. indirect
indéf. indefinite
Ingr. ingressive
intens. intensification
invar. invariable
Inv. inversive kaa gwɛɛgu (post position)
loc. locution
maçon. masonry (term)
Man. manner
Mat. matter, material
méd. medical (term)
men. carpentry (term)
milit. military (term)
m…k. myen, mreɦ, mtaɦ…kaalb (cardinal)
NAct. name of the actor
NBén. name of the beneficiary
NDév. noun deverbative
NFonc. (noun of) function
NInst. instrument
NLoc. locative
NPat. patient
NT Niamtougou (dialect)
n. noun
n.f. feminine noun
n…k. noogrm, reɦdrm, taɦrm…kaalb (ordinal)
n.m. masculine noun
n.m.invar. masculine invariable noun
O object
Occ. typically associated occasion
on (French) restriction
ov (vernacular) restriction
P predicate
ParA antonymic parallelism
Part. part (role)
Perm. permansive
pers. person
Phase phase
pn. pronoun
Plur. plurative
pl. plural
Prod. product
pron. pronoun
prop. proposition
prép. preposition
qqch something
qqn someone
r. raka (conjunction)
rel. religious (term)
red. reduplicated (form _)
réfl. reflexive
Rés. result
Résd. residue
Résl. resultative
Restr. restriction
SG Siou (Seego) (dialect)
sim. similar
Sg. singular
Sing. singulative
sing. singular
(sp.) species
Spéc. specific
Stat. stative
subj. subjunctive
Syn synonym
S. suject
TG Ténéga (dialect)
Tout all, together tɔrgm gwɛɛgu (auxiliary)
un (French) usage
Var. Variant
Vdén. denominative verb
v.impers. impersonal verb
v.intr. intransitive verb
v.pron. pronominal verb transitive verb indirect transitive verb