Credits and Acknowledgements

This dictionary is the result of many dedicated individuals and a whole community of those who were involved in the development of Nawdm.

The ASDN would first like to express sincere gratitude to Mr. Stéphane Koulon BAKABIMA, lexicographer and member of the ladite association who meticulously gathered words and example sentences for the dictionary database. We thank him for his patience and perseverance which enabled him to succeed in this arduous task.

We would also like to express our appreciation for Jacques NICOLE, linguist, member of SIL Togo-Bénin for his role as linguistic consultant as well as his technical work on the computer database.

We would like to thank the members of the revising committee who are as follows: Yala (Ténéga) BABA, Pierre (Baga) BAGUEWABENA, BAKABIMA Koulon (Koka), Kodjo Tigtoré (Siou) FILAMA, Imiline (Koka) GNANSA, Sabagou (Koka) KATATOKOUWE, Makoumalog̈beɦ (Baga) KOUSSOW, Eugène (Koka) KPANOUGOU, Esso Bidilan (Siou) KPATONGA, Bawaïn (Baga) TIBIKENA, et Batogamane (Niamtougou) TOUGOUMA.

Many others who have contributed to the development of this dictionary are mentioned below:

  • Mr. Sabagou KATATOKOUWE, translator, for all his suggestions and contributions to the dictionary.
  • Miss Biliba Chimène BANORGA, linguist, for his summary of the Grammar of Nawdm.
  • Mr. BATALE, Dr veterinarian, for his suggestions made regarding terms for genital organs.
  • Mlle MADJI Wénkéma, student of linguistics, for his work on the variants of Siou.

For practical applications, we express our appreciation to:

  • feu M. SAGUINTAAH Mtigmsagou, who began the work of inputing the data on computer.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Philippe and Claire CHOLLET, who continued the data input.
  • Mr. David ROWE, IT specialist for SIL, as well as the IT department of SIL-Togo at Kara, who went to great lengths to print the dictionary data.
  • Mrs. Jenni BEADLE, IT specialist for SIL, for all her assistance in converting the data to applicable software versions in view of uploading the dictionary online.

Finally, we express our sincere appreciation to so many knowledgable Nawdm, too numersous to count, who offered help without reservation in our research by sharing their profound understanding of their language, contributed to the creation of this dictionary who are too numerous to count.

In addition, this project would never have been completed without adequate financial backing. We appreciate the funding of Wycliffe Switzerland provided by anonymous sources.