A "dictionary" is a collection of words in alphabetical order, each followed by a definition or a translation of the word in another language. There are advantages of a dictionary both for the speakers and non speakers of the language. This Nawdm-French dictionary was created for Nawdm speakers to have a reference document, providing a standard for written form as well as to help others learn Nawdm vocabulary and grammar. This document provides permanent documentation, allowing people to learn Nawdm from French and vice versa.

The most important part of this website is the Browser for Nawdm Browse Nawdm under "Browse". In this part, we have presented the vocabulary under the letters of the standard orthography. We have also included the phonetic transcription, including tone, to facilitate pronunciation for readers, as well as French equivalents. Unusual types of entries are described in Entries Explained. Dialectal variations are also included. When you click on a secondary entry in the Browse view, you can follow a link to the main entry.

As this is a dictionary Nawdm-French, we have based our entries on Nawdm words, proposing possible translations in French. To help create understanding, we have included example sentences that are frequently used, so as to avoid complexity.

In the section Browse French under "Browse", the entries in French present various Nawdm words that can be used in translation. By clicking on a Nawdm word, the reader can see information for this word, including examples.

In the Language section there are:

  1. A grammatical sketch in which is presented the syntax of Nawdm, detailing grammatical elements and rules used in language.
  2. A map showing the Nawdm regions in Togo and Ghana.