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ga1kɑ³³COM1adjgood (general term; e.g. people, animals, things, etc.)Zzerq ga seil liu ga dail gvl.好树会结好果子。Good trees will bear good fruit.antggv4kuaq 1relggv42adj(疾病)好,痊愈well, healthyrella'laq 1lei gaCOMvi恢复,复原(健康);又好to recover health, to return to health, to get well; (for sth) to be better3助动auxv好(指可吃的、用的)to be safe (to eat or to use)Most commonly used in the negativeZzee ga me ga me see gge mul seil, seel me niq.不知道能不能吃的菌子,就不要采。Don't pick mushrooms if (you) don't know whether (they) are safe to eat or not.zzee me gaCOM短语phr不可食用的,变质变坏的not be good to eat, not safe to eatShee cheekual zzee me ga sie.This bowl of meat is not safe to eat.4vt待(某人)好to treat (sb) well, to be good or kind (to sb)Taf chermei cheegvl yuqpei yuqmei gol sseidde ga ye.他家这个媳妇对公公婆婆真是好孝顺。The daughter-in-law in their family is so good to (her) father-in-law and mother-in-law.Tee nee nge gol cheesiuq ga chee, ngeq ddeecherl lei mil me tal seiq.他待我这么好,我一辈子也忘不了。He has been so kind towards me. How could I ever (i.e. in my whole life) forget (him)?
ga2kɑ³³COMadj(刀具)快,锋利sharp (e.g. knife)syntal1 5
ga3kɑ³³COMn力气strength, powerrelgayi 1ga zeiqCOM短语phr用力,努力to use one's strength, to make an effortNaf ggumei leel nee jerq tei'ee see ye yil, neeq lahal ga zeiq bbei tee gguq mailgguq maiq bbee naiq.Even your little sister is more learned than you (lit: knows books better). So, you have got to really apply yourself (i.e. use strength) to catch up to her.
ga4kɑ³³COMmw工(一个工人或农民一个劳动日的工作)for a day's work (work a laborer does in a day)ga keelCOM短语phr雇工人,雇零工to hire workersga qiCOM短语phr打工to hire out for work temporarily, to work part-time
ga5kɑ³³COMsuf者(用在动词或动词词组后面,指做此工作的人)verb nominalizer; indicating the person who does the actionNgafggeeq daiweil hatvlga ddeegvl shuq neiq yil, neeq bbei el bbee lei?我们单位正在找一个炊事员,你要不要做?Our work unit is looking for a cook. Are you interested?hopeil haiqgaCOMn买菜者vegetable buyerhopeil qigaCOMn卖菜者vegetable seller
gaddeef gaddeeqkɑ³³ɖɯːːː¹³ kɑ³³ɖɯ²¹TAadj最胖fattest, most obese
gaddeeqkɑ³³ɖɯ²¹COMadj1fat, plumpantzzajerrelbbvyisyngayi 2good-big2肥(动物)fat (said of an animal)
gafgakɑ¹³kɑ³³COMadj最好best, extremely good
Gaggaqkɑ³³ɡɑ²¹COMn文海村(属白沙乡)Wenhai VillagesynVeiqhai
gai1ka³³COM1后置postp前面front, before (a location)Ebbvq ggeessee chee nigvl ddeemerq calca ser, ddeegvl nee ddeegvl gai ddeemerq la me ree.这两个兄弟喜欢争吵,一点都不肯相让。Those two brothers really bicker a lot, and (neither) one will exercise restraint with the other.Ngaf zzeimei chee nvlmei ddeeq yil, ddoq me jji gge keeni gai la me rer.我侄女胆子可大,连没见过的狗她都不怕。My niece is very bold. (She) isn't even afraid of unfamiliar dogs.mieq gaiCOMn眼前before (one's) eyesNge gge mieq gai nee tee ddeecherl bbei lo bbei jjeq bel hee seiq.Before my eyes (i.e. I saw that), she worked hard all (her) life.2后置postp以前,之前prior to, before (an event in time)Eldeif, ha zzee gai seil, laq cher.阿德,吃饭前先洗手。Edei, wash (your) hands before (you) eat.antmail1 13adj上(表示次序)previous (time period or sequence)Usually used before the demonstrative 'chee' and classifier.gai cheegvlCOMn上一个(人),前一个(人)the previous persongai cheeheiCOMn上个月last monthgai cheenihalCOMadv前几天,前一段时间the past few days, recentlygai cheezheCOMn上个星期last week4adv起先,开始at firstNgeq Kaisi gol tei'ee gai meil yel cheekaq, ddeemerq me sol nal, esseiq esseiq bbei ddeenihal lei meil yel pil seil, lei sol ceeq ye.我开始给凯熙教书的时候,有点不习惯,但慢慢地教了一段时间以后就习惯了。At first when I was teaching Keith, (I) wasn't very used to it. But little by little, over several days of teaching, (I) got used to it.5adv前(从一边到另一边)over (from one side of an object, space or area to the other side), forwardCheeni ee ddeepul nee nge juq gai jjeq ceeq yel, nvlmei la qiqqif ceeq ye.今天有头牛向我冲过来,真是怕极了。(I) was quite scared today, because a cow came running over towards me.Teeggeeq gge ddaddaq gai hiul ceeq.站到他们的旁边。(She) came over and stood beside them.6adv(用于祈使句中使建议或命令的语气稍为缓和)(used before the verb to soften a suggestion or command)Bba'laq bvq ye yil, gai teiq dieldie yel.衣服已经干了,请你折一折吧。The clothes are dry, so please fold (them).Jjiq cerqtv pil seil, baba chee'leil meeq lei gvl bbei teiq keel seil, gulbu gai teiq gal seil, waq seiq.水开了以后,把粑粑朝下放好,再盖上锅盖,就可以了。After the water is hot, turn the flatbread over, then cover (it). That's it.Ku gai teiq derl!把门关上!Close the door!
gai2ka³³COMvt(use a rolling pin) to roll out (dough)Ngef seil baba gai me ee yil, baba dal bel ceeq mei jjaifjjaiq me welwe.我擀面擀得不好,所以做出来的粑粑不怎么圆。I do not roll out flatbread well. So, when (I) make flatbread, (it) is not very round.
gai3ka³³COMcls间(用于房间)for rooms in a houseCobbvq jjiqgai seelgai jju, cogv seil nigai dal jju me.楼下有三个房间,楼上只有两间。There are three rooms on the ground floor and two rooms upstairs.
gai4ka³³COMvt改正,修改to correct, to rectify
gai6ka³³COMvt换(牙、毛等)to lose and grow again (e.g. fur, a tooth, etc.)
gaibbeqka³³bɤ²¹BDn前面front, aheadsyngaijuqgaipa
gaibbifka³³bi¹³BSHn前襟front of a long roberelkeesherqmaibbiq
gaidaiq gaildaika³³tɑ²¹ ka⁵⁵ta³³ WH象词onomthe sound of teeth clacking on bones
gaidialka³³tjɑ⁵⁵COMadj干净cleanantnielnie1 1relpvl4
gaifgaika¹³ka³³TAadj最前面,第一first (in a series or line), the beginninggaifgai cheesseeqCOMadv第一次the first time
gaifmeiqka¹³me²¹COMadj泡(核桃)easy to shell (i.e a walnut)antbafddoqggvddvq gaifmeiqCOMn泡核桃a walnut which is easy to shell
gaigaika³³ka³³ZXadj上上(指比前一时期再前的一个时期)(time period) before the previous (time period)gaigai chee si'qiZXadv上上星期the week before last
gaigai mailmaika³³ka³³ ma⁵⁵ma³³COMadv平时usually (uncommon term)
gaigaiqka³³ka²¹BSHvi抓挠,搔(重叠表示动作的持续)to scratch (e.g. an itch; reduplicated verb indicates continuation of action)relgaiqgaisseeq4 1sseesseeqsynsseesseeq