nal3nɑ⁵⁵COMn1fleshArchaic meaning.synshee22母系亲戚maternal clan (traditional term used to refer to one's mother's relatives)anto1 2syncoqnal3同辈中的姐妹traditional term used to refer to the female children in a familyNaqxi seil o neiq nal shel ddu meq yil, elnigvl yi nal dal waq meq yil, yagof ebbvq ggeessee gge sher gol cacaq bbee me niq seiq.我们纳西讲究骨肉之别,咱们俩只是姐妹(肉),就不要回去干涉娘家兄弟(骨)的事了。Naxi speak of the "bone" and the "flesh". The two of us are "flesh" (i.e. female), so don't go and interfere in the brothers' affairs.Naqxi seil, yagoq xi chee o neiq nal bbei teiq bbiu meq yil, sher jju ddu jju seil, o cheehual juq zzeeqggue ner nal, cheehual juq seil ddee nono neiq seil tal seiq.纳西族人的亲戚分宗族和母系亲戚两种,遇事必须和宗族人商量,但对母系亲族则告知即可。Naxi clans are divided into the "bone" (males) and the "flesh" (females). When there is an important matter, the males must discuss it, the females are content to just be told what is decided.anto1 3