aiq3ʔa²¹COMʕa²¹TAvi1噎,卡to choke on (sth)Ni so'lo nee jerzherl aiq zoq yil, esseiqsseif zzee.慢点吃,会被鱼刺卡住的。Eat carefully or (you) might choke on a fish bone.jerzherl aiqCOM短语phrto choke on2塞,阻塞(for a stream) to be choked or clogged (with material), (for material) to be stuck or jammed in a place (e.g. between the teeth)Sheenal zzee seil, hee gol aiq gvl.吃瘦肉会塞牙缝。If (you) eat meat, (it) may get stuck in (your) teeth.relai'aiq