lol2lø⁵⁵COM1vtto pile up, to stack (straw)Zzei lal pil gge ssee chee nge nee larheq nee ddeeddal ddeeddal bbei teiq ddal bbeq yil, gai teiq lol laq.我会把剩下的麦秸分成一小垛一小垛的,你把它摞起来吧。I'm going to rake the wheat straw that has been threshed into piles. So, (you) stack (it).relchee4 1jaljawe1 1welwe1 12mwsheaf of (e.g. wheat)Ssee chee'lol gai teiq dvl laq.把这摞草捆上吧。Bind up that bunch of straw.