welwe1wɤ⁵⁵wɤ³³COM1vt堆(重叠表示动作的持续)to pile up (i.e. disorderly; reduplicated verb indicates continuation of action)relchee4 1jaljalol2 1we1 12vt赶拢,聚拢to round up (e.g. cattle)Nimei ggvq hol neiq ye yil, elnigvl yuq welwe bel esseisseiq lei wul bbee laq.太阳快下山了,咱们赶拢羊群慢慢回去吧。The sun is about to set, so let's (i.e. the two of us) round up the sheep and slowly head back home.3vi聚一起,聚集to come or gather together, to gather around (e.g. a campfire)Jigaiq cheenihal seil, ddeehual bbei gai teiq welwe bbei quiqzhul dalhuil ddeezail kai bbee chee jjaiq jjeq ye.农忙的时候,要把大家聚在一起开群众大会真是很难。When (everyone) is busy (i.e. with farm work), it is very difficult to get everyone together to hold a mass rally.relaq1synweiqweq34vt持(家)to keep (house), to run (one's home)ggvna yagoq cheejjiq welweCOM短语phr好好持家to diligently run one's house