*act-nom. action nominalization
adj adjective
adv adverb
adv,V adverbial verb
Ana.Inf.Nom. anaphoric infinitive nominal
*ana. v. anaphoric verb
*a-nom. agentive nominalization
caus. causative
caus/refl. Causative/Reflexive
cf: cross reference
*com command
*conn connective
*c-pr continuative, progressive
deadj.v deadjectival verb intransitive verb
*deictic pro deictic pro
*deo deontic
dial.var. dialectal variant
*dir.adv.. directional adverb
Evid. evidential
fr.var. free variant
*ger-nom. geruntive nominal
*idm. idiom denominal
*if-cl. if-clause
inf.nom. infinitive nominal
inal.noun inalienable noun
*inal.pro. inalienable pronoun
interj. interjection deictic
iv intransitive verb
loc locative
*mod modal
n noun
na name
*neg negative
*neg.imp. negative command
opp: oppositive
post postposition
pred predicate
prep.ph. prepositional phrase
quest questions
sfx suffix
sp.var. specified variant
*s.v.m.,f. animate verbal noun, masculine or feminine
syn: synonym
*s.v.pl. animate verbal noun, plural form
Tim.Ad. adjective of time
Unspec. Unspecified
V verb
v.caus. causative verb
Vref. verb referent
v.st. stative verb
vt transitive verb

* The grammatical categories used by the compiler in the past.