This Njyem-French dictionary is the product of ongoing language development in Cameroon by members of the community and linguists Keith and Mary Beavon who are dedicated to the development of languages.

The Njyem are descended from Njeme, who was the eldest son of Kɔɔ and Ampi'i. Kɔɔ was the son of Nsimo. The younger brothers of Njeme were Nsimo and Ɨdwe'e, the last born. The descendants of the three brothers were also known by the term "jyɛɛ me Kɔɔ, mwɔn me Nsimo", meaning Kɔɔ, the son of Nsimo". This is abbreviated "Kɔɔ-Nsimo". (In the Nzime dialect the abbreviation is "Kɔɔ-Nzime".)

The Njyem are also refered to as Djem, Dzem, Ndjem, Ndjeme, Ndzem, Ngyeme, Njem, Njeme, Nyem, or Zimu. It is a type of Bantu langauge: Narrow Bantu. The population of this people group is 4,400 in Cameroon (2005 SIL), and 7,900 total in all countries. The Njyem live primarily in the East region: the Ngoila subdivision of the Upper Nyong division.

Bible portions were been completed in the language in 2002.

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