ansɩ dɩn Xsʋcomp. ofansɩ 1dɩn 1-sʋ 1v.to rely on someone or somethingansɩ dɩn Kwaku Kebi.I rely on Kwaku Kebi.
ɔbɩsʋfɛɔbɪsʊfɛn.one you trust more than anyone else3.
putapútá v.1to come in close contactMmotsu bɛnsɩ sʋ a, nɛlata atɔ amʋ puta. I didn't bring a head pan so I carried the things in my arms.Igye ɔlɛlata kebi amʋ puta.He embraced the child yesterday.cflata2embrace7.3.4.4Hold4.1.8Show affection2to rely on someoneOtoputa mɩ. He always leans on me,He always comes to me for what he needs.Bʋtoputa mɩ. They rely on me.7.1.6Lean4.3.5.3Reliable3to crawl on someoneNtɔntrɔbwɩ bʋ gyi mbwɩ ánɩ́ bʋtamadun, mboun bʋtoputa aha.Ntɔntrɔbwɩ are animals that don't bite but crawl all over people. movement7.2.1.1Walk4to crowd around someone4.2.1.7Crowd, group