Prevent from moving

faan2fã̂ː(L)v.to disable a crabs claws by placing a tip of another claw in the claw; to tie the arms of a prisoner with a stick behind the back and in front of the elbowsFɛkɩta ɔkɔtɔ a, lehian ánɩ́ fɛ́faan mʋ ablɩba. Mɛnɩ ɔmɛ́ɛkpa kɩta fʋ.If you catch a crab, it is necessary to disable its claws. Then it won't pinch you. from moving
hankɔpʋhaŋkɔpʊ́n.handcuffsBawa kebi amʋ olowi batɛ amʋ hankɔpʋ.The boy that stole the fowl has been handcuffed.cfɩkanchains4.7.7.3Imprison4.6.6.1Police7.2.6.2Prevent from moving
kɩta X yaɩph. v. ofkɩta 1yaɩ 4v.to hold someone back7.2.6.2Prevent from moving
kplakitsik͡plakit͡sin.hobbles used to restrain an animalNɩ kpala bʋ ɔnlɩn dʋbɩ a, bʋtɔwa mʋ kplakitsi.If a goat is too strong, they put on hobbles.6.3.1Domesticated animal7.5.4Tie7.2.6.2Prevent from moving
sa4sáʔ(H)v.to block someone from escape7.3.6.2Block, dam up7.2.6.2Prevent from moving
yaɩyáɪ́ v.1to put down something carefullyNapʋ yaɩ ɔpʋnʋsʋ. I have put it down on the table.Nɩ fɔkʋsʋ a, fayaɩ atɔ dɩnka mpa amʋsʋ wanklaan.When you get up, dress the bed well.cftɩtɩ3train8.4.6.1Start something2to appoint or install to an official positionBayaɩ owie pɔpwɛ ndɛ.They have installed a new chief today., delegateph. v.la X yaɩ3to provide for a childƆlɛyaɩ obi amʋ, tamɛ ɔmɛbʋla mʋ. He provided for the child but didn't raise him properly.He provided for the child but he didn't fill him.Napʋ amʋ́ yɛyaɩ sukuutɔ. I put them into school (at a distant place). for, support6.3.1Domesticated animal4to cause to remain in one place8. from movingph. v.da X yaɩkɩta X yaɩrestrainsi X yaɩomit 5to be done priviously, as precedent8.4.5.2Before