You can download the dictionary for use when you have no internet connection. You can also download an Nkonya keyboard for other Windows programs.

Nkonya Dictionary Android App

This link is an downloadable copy of the Nkonya Dictionary as an app for Android smart-phones and tablets. You may have to change the security settings on your device to install it.

You may be asked a security question. This file will not harm your device so click ‘OK’. Then click ‘Open’.

If this option does not work, you may need to download a File Manager App to enable you to do so. The following guidelines should help:

We used Xiaomi File Manager which can be freely downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Once you download your File Manager, follow the steps below to install the Nkonya dictionary app for offline use on your smartphone:

  1. Find and open the File Manager app.
  2. Nkonya_Dictionary-1.0.1.apk should appear in the main screen.  If not, try swiping down the screen to refresh.
  3. Click Nkonya_Dictionary-1.0.1.apk to open.
  4. You will be asked if you want to install. The app will require access to SD card. Click ‘Install’.
  5. Once installed you will see the Nkonya dictionary icon ready to use among your phone apps!

Please Note: These guidelines are accurate at the time of writing, however as outside software is being continually updated, some slight differences may arise. Please contact us for additional support.

You can also get it from the Google Play store -- Just search for Nkonya and choose the dictionary.

The Nkonya Bible

The Nkonya New Testament and Psalms are also available for Android smartphones and tablets from the Google Play store. Just search for Nkonya and choose the Bible.

PDF version.

This link is a 5Mbyte zipped PDF version of the Print Edition.


The Nkonya keyboard for Windows

This site does not require a special keyboard for you to search the Nkonya dictionary, including Nkonya special characters.

For other Windows programs there is a keyboard available for typing Nkonya characters.

The following zip file has the keyboard file GhanaUnicode-NKO.kmp and a PDF document that tells you what keys to type to enter Nkonya characters:

To activate the Nkonya keyboard you will need the Keyman program. You can get it from this page, use the link at the bottom of the page -- labelled: Download Keyman without any keyboards.

When you have installed Keyman, use it to load the Nkonya keyboard GhanaUnicode-NKO.kmp file from the zipped file above.