ɩpa1ɪpacontractionpan.labourƆkɛ amʋ Adango lɛbla Kpakpahe ɔbɛɛ bégyi pa, abudunka sika, abʋhɔ lɔɔrɩ.One day Rabbit told Duck they would go hire as a labourer, so they should search for money, so that they should buy a truck.gyi ɩpaeat labourƆmɔ́ɔbɔ pa?Won't she hire labour?Gyi ɩpa, afʋ nya kɔba hɔ fʋ atɔ hianhɛ.Go work (for someone else) in order that you should get money and buy your necessary things.6.9.2Work for someonecomp.gyi ɩpahire oneself outph. v.bɔ ɩpahire someone

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