onutoonutó adj.1real; genuine; the true one; himselfMɩ yin onuto mʋ bi nɩ. my own mother's child (my brother/sister in the Western sense)fʋ onuto you yourselfmɩ onutoI myselfamʋ́ onutothey themselvesanɩ onutowe ourselvesmlɩ onutoyou yourselfKɩɛ atɔ amʋtɔ ha nyebi amʋ fʋ onuto, mɛnɩ bʋmɔ́ɔkɔ. Divide the things among the children yourself so that they don't fight.Synankasareal9.2.3.1Reflexive pronouns3. real oneƖtɔ amʋ onuto nɩ.This is the real thing.Megyi yibi ɔkapʋ amʋ bʋ yibi amʋ, Kwame onuto bʋ yibi amʋ.The driver is not the owner of the vehicle, it belongs to Kwame himself.

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