ba1ba(L) v.1to come to a placeNɛbla ɔtsɩ amʋ ánɩ́ nɛ́ba, tamɛ mmɛtalɩ. I told the woman that I will (would) come but I wasn't able.Mlɩ ɛ, mlɩnya klʋn amlɩkɩ Anɩ Wie ɔkpa. Mʋ ba lawie woyi.You also should patiently expect Our Lord. His return is imminent.You(pl.) also get your heart (be patient) and you should and watch Our Lord's road (expect him). His coming has reached the house (his return is imminent) ɩwɩ asɩhumbleph. v.asɩbahumilitykpʋkpɛ bashift towards2to come to a timeƆhagyiɔha mʋ owukɛ bɛ́ba.For everybody, the day of their death will come. timecomp.bakɛpredawnofiebanext yearIdiom:ɩba mʋ́tɔyesder.ɩba1arrival

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